Are You a Taco Bell Addict? #5 Got Me

We all are addicted to something. While some are addicted to online games, designer bags, cutting-edge gadgets, and EDM music, there are those who seem to have gone crazy over Taco Bell. This is not a joke people! Millions of unfiltered and filtered photos online are proof that some of us just can’t get enough of anything and everything Taco Bell.

#1 - You are family on all Taco Bell branches in your city.
The employees, even the supervisors, give their warmest greetings when they see you walking in. You don’t even have to tell them your order. They know your favorites by heart. It makes everybody’s life faster and more convenient.

#2 - You order at the Drive-Thru even without a car.
What can be more convenient than falling in line at a drive-thru even without a car? Genius!

#3 - Type-O Fire Sauce runs in your veins.
It doesn’t have to be Taco Bell tacos or burritos. You slather Type-O Fire Sauce on everything that you eat.

#4 - You have a hidden stash of hot sauce packets
You are most likely to find Taco Bell hot sauce packets on all of your bags, and in some cases, even inside your wallet, small purse, and both front and back –pocket jeans.

#5 - You don’t order from combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell branches.
You firmly believe that Taco Bell menu is far superior than Pizza Hut’s offerings. For this reason, you don’t allow yourself buying your Taco Bell fix from a combination store. No Taco Bell purist will in the first place!

#6 - You got a stash of quarters in your car’s coin compartment for late-night Taco Bell cravings.
Those coins are solely dedicated for when you feel the urge to drive to the nearest Taco Bell in the middle of the night. You feel a sense of relief when your coin compartment is filled to the brim. Why? More coins= more noms for Taco Bell emergencies!

#7 - You wake up on a bed of Taco Bell wrappers
How many times have you binged on your favorite Taco Bell burritos that you wake up in the morning lying on a bed of empty wrappers and cheese morsels? This happens a lot, I assume? And when I mean a lot, every single day!

#8 - You get all riled up when people say Taco Bell isn’t an authentic Mexican joint.
You can’t even be bothered about trying out other Mexican restaurants in your area. You get furiously mad when people think you’re eating junk Mexican food. When was Taco Bell not a Mexican fast food? It always has and will be your favorite, AUTHENTIC Mexican place.

#9 - You’re up to date with the newest items on Taco Bell’s menu.
You’re the unofficial endorser of Taco Bell. You don’t even mind not getting paid that you are reeling in more customers than their commercials on TV. You just want to share the awesome food experience that is Taco Bell!