Top 7 Charitable Hollywood Superstars Who give Back.

Many superstars have a lot of power and influence due to the scaffold they were given. So many selfless dignitaries have fought for good causes, there are also some who have given back to donations and charity. Awestruck who in Hollywood is going above and beyond? Here are top 7 most benevolent Hollywood superstars.


Angelina Jolie has been working on refugee missions in different parts of the world not later than the year 2001.She has over the years been less involved in Hollywood scenes and more into Humanitarian works. She also came up with the Jolie-Pitt foundation with Brad Pitt which has helped entrenched a center for children infected with HIV/AIDS, among others.


Lately, Beyonce announced she is partnering with some charities for her Foundation world tour to help enhance the poisoned water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Also, Beyonce has been setting aside part of her profits to charity works.


Having been dedicated to public and charity services, Emma Watson announced she was taking a year off to do more of the charity works. The Harry Potter star said she thought about going and doing a year of gender studies as she realized she was learning so much on her own, after which she was at the U.N to share a pledge of 10 Universities made to improve gender equality on campus.


George Lucas is the chairman and founder, George Lucas Educational Foundation. He, after selling Lucasfilm to Disney for $4 Billion donated most of the money to better education. He also created an empire and decided to use his money for philanthropic works.


Ian Somerhalder is so passionate about giving back to the society that he founded his foundation called The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, whose aim is all about conservation of natural resources and protecting animals. The vampire diaries star made headlines after speaking out against the Ivory trade.


Miley Cyrus, named behind Taylor Swift as the second most charitable celebrity in the year 2015. Irrespective of her crazy persona in public, Miley Cyrus is generous. She told TIME Magazine she learned charity from her parent and has been doing philanthropic work since she was a kid.


Taylor Swift is an altruistic and big-hearted songwriter who help not only her fellow artists but also people struck with natural disasters. During the Louisiana flood which leads to the evacuation of many people, the music star donated $50,000 to Ascension public schools, which is part of the $1 million pledged for the flood victims. She also helped her fellow artist Kesha with $250,000 during her legal battle with her producer.