The Shape of your Face reveals a lot about your personality

Did you know that your face shape can say a lot about your personality? Some people study faces for a living and some of them are even employed with the security forces.

The face reading techniques are as old as 3,000 years, and they not only reveal your character but more importantly tell about your attitude towards life.

#1 - Oval Shaped Face

This is one of the most favored shapes. If your face is wide in the forehead and gradually tapers towards the chin, then you have an oval shape. People with an oval shape are very diplomatic and are people’s person. They can make everyone feel at home. But the negative to this personality is that they end up too focused on pleasing others and worry about saying the right things at all times which can make them stressed out. They are influenced by others perception of them.

#2 - Diamond or Triangle Face Shape

This is also known as a pear shape. The face is wide at the jaw and tapers towards the forehead. It is bony and angular and is not a very familiar face shape. A person with a triangle face shape wants to be in charge at all times. The narrower the forehead, the more controlling the person is. However this group of individuals are highly successful.

#3 - Round Shaped Face

If you have a receding hairline, and your cheeks are the widest part of your face then you are round-faced. These people are very generous and sweet and are the best people to be in a long-term relationship with. But the problem is that there kindness and generosity attract narcissistic relations towards them, and they end up feeling deprived. But the good news is that in the long run, these people realize this flaw in them and start putting their needs ahead of others.

#4 - The Square Face

Square faces are characterized by wide angular jaws and a wide hairline. They have very prominent cheekbones, hairline, and jaws (Think Angelina Jolie). People with a square face are very witty and analytic in their approach. They have got lots of stamina and are often associated with significant projects and end up getting lots of success.

#5 - Heart Face

They have a very broad forehead and a very pointy chin. These people have a strong personal power. They are determined and have plenty of inner strength. These people are also said to be highly creative and intuitive. They can be pushy and sometimes their pushy nature can be a turn-off for others.

#6 - Long Face

Long face shape is long! It stretches from forehead to the chin and features a prominent chin. These people are adamant and want things done their way. They are perfectionists, and so they are very detail oriented. They produce best results and are very clear while communicating. But if somebody decides to lock horns with them then they can be very rude.