Your Sleeping Position Reveals Your Personality

One of the most revealing things about a person is the way they hold their body--their posture and stance can end up telling the world a lot about their personality and life views. When you're awake, you're at least somewhat in control of how you present yourself to the world, but your subconscious takes over when you're asleep, revealing deep inner truths about you to anyone watching. If you end up in the same posture every night, consistently, that tells a lot about you. Here are some common sleeping positions, and what they might indicate.

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Gripping Something Tightly

Gripping Something Tightly

Do you find yourself needing to hug something to fall to sleep? Do you have trouble nodding off if your arms aren't wrapped around a teddy bear or pillow? These are classic signs of very trusting people, open to others. They are so open, in fact, that it leaves them more vulnerable than most. Their friends generally consider them trustworthy, and know that they'll always be there for them.

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Freefall Position

The freefall position is characterized by people who sleep on their stomach. Their hands are firmly slipped underneath their pillow. Experts say that this is the sign of welcoming, but sensitive people. These sleepers are warm and generous, and are willing to experience new people and new ideas.

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Side logger

The side logger sleeps straight on one side, stretched out from head to toe. That means they're calm, without a lot of tossing and turning. The troubles of the world tend to roll off their back, resulting in them being outgoing and charismatic. They're very trusting, and fun people to talk to in most social situations.

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Sleeping like a straight board

Flat on your back, stretched to your limit--that describes people who sleep like a straight board. These people tend to be quiet and reserved, with serious perfectionist tendencies. They have self-awareness and inner confidence, with a high level of self-esteem. Maybe they're not super-outgoing or anything, but their level of internal confidence means they can accomplish anything.

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Constant Snoring

If you tend to snore a lot in bed, you're probably not getting a good night's sleep. It makes you grouchy, irritated and easy to anger. Oddly enough, it has a similar effect on your significant other, who will also find it difficult to get a good night's sleep with your snoring away next to them.

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Fetal Position

People who subconsciously try to protect themselves overnight find themselves curled up in the fetal position when they sleep. With their knees tucked tight to their chest, they're shielding themselves from the outside world. It means they're the classic example of an introvert--sensitive souls who are shy and timid out in public.

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The yearner

The "yearner" position gets it's name from the fact that, with your hands held out in front of you, it looks like you're begging for something. You'd think that it would signify someone looking to receive a lot from life, but in actual fact, the opposite tends to be true--yearners tend to err more on the cynical side, and are slow to trust people.

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The starfish position maximizes the amount of bed you take up. With your arms and legs splayed out all over the place, you are the enemy of people sharing beds everywhere. This tends to indicate that you're more cautious and shy than average when meeting new people--you need your personal space. Once people get past that initial stage, however, they'll find you to be a caring friend.