The Nightmare Fear Factory Cooks up Some Hilarious Scared Photos

The Nightmare Fear Factory boasts that over 135,000 people have chickened out and not made it through. The site of the terrifying attraction is an old coffin factory where young people used to sneak in to play pranks. The owner Abraham Mortimer confronted some of these pranksters one evening and a stack of oak coffins crushed him to death in the middle of a scuffle with the youngsters. Abraham's spirit will not rest until he has revenge on those who dare to trespass and enter his factory.

#1 - Carry me Through

This girl wants to rely on the help of a good friend to simply carry her away from the horror.

#2 - Hair Raising Horror

True terror will make the hair stand up all over your body. Just don’t rely on hiding behind mom when she’s just as scared.

#3 - Hunting for Horror

These sassy huntresses are scared senseless by the prey the factory has to offer up. It’s chosen to hunt them instead.

#4 - Hold on for Dear Life

This father and son team had to hold on to one another for support because of the horror they witnessed. This proves kids are never too old for a piggy back ride.

#5 - The Kids Aren’t Alright

These two adorable children can’t bring themselves to look at the horror unfolding in front of them. At least they have each other.

#6 - I’m Out of Here

He just wants to flee and she just wants him to run the other way. Too bad neither way will get them out of the Fear Factory.

#7 - Frozen in Terror

Whatever he sees, it’s temporarily stopped him from being able to move. He’s taking in all the terror for his friend who just can’t look.

#8 - Every Man for Himself

This guy doesn’t care who he leaves behind. The terror is too great to think of anyone but himself.

#9 - It’s in Your Hands

This guy wants to depend on his woman to take him through the bad scares. Unfortunately she doesn’t look that well equipped to handle the horror either.

#10 - It’s Not That Bad

The guy at the end is taking the horror pretty well. He even looks a little intrigued by it. The rest of his party completely disagrees.

#11 - Quick Everyone in the Shirt

This family thinks hiding in the red shirt will solve their problems. Whatever they’re seeing I don’t think that little bit of cloth will protect them.

#12 - Run!!!

This chick cannot get away fast enough. Moving away from the terror is her only goal and the one behind her just doesn’t want to deal with it.