You would never believe the most common reasons that make your skin hate you

Skin irritation is a ubiquitous problem that plagues individuals of all nationalities, ethnicities, and social statuses. Skin issues are a natural composite of environmental factors, immunity and physiological changes, integumentary problems, and internal imbalances. With this said, many environmental agents serve as notable causes for skin damage and irritation.

#1 - Household Cleaning Products
Many polishes, disinfectants, and household cleaners are the main culprits for skin irritation. Not surprisingly, people should avoid exposing their bare skin to ammonia and bleach products, polishes, and various other caustic chemicals.

#2 - Soap
Contrary to popular belief, soap is not a panacea for all skin problems. Some soaps are designed to moisturize, lather and exfoliate the skin to perfection and infallible smoothness. However, other soaps deprive your skin of its natural moisture. If you wash your hand too frequently with soap, your skin will gradually dry and chap.

In some cases, chapping and dryness is exacerbated into bleeding and burning symptoms. If you are a germaphobe, you may consider revising your ideas about excessive soap washing. Bubble bath and hand soap are some of the most common hand irritants.

#3 - Clothing
Clothing is necessary to sustaining a functional and orderly society. Clothing is an undeniable necessity in social etiquette, at least in most cultures. Unfortunately, it can also irritate certain skin conditions, including eczema and atopic dermatitis. Coarse materials, including wool, are usually responsible for this.

#4 - Facial Cream
Both men and women rely on the age-defying properties of facial cream to stall time or to defy the aging process altogether. While many facial creams are naturally infused with Vitamin E, some are filled with artificial properties that irritate the skin altogether. Facial skin is incredibly sensitive, especially considering how deep the pores are. Consider avoiding products that contain ascorbic acid, paraben preservatives, and glycolic acid.

#5 - Heat
Hot climates are the universal bane for sensitive skin. Both dry and humid conditions can leave a prickly, dissatisfying sensation on the skin. Extreme heat has even been known to ignite skin conditions, such as rashes, keratosis, and much more. Naturally, in the heat, you experience an increase in sweating. And this alone can foster skin irritation.

#6 - Sunscreen
Here is yet another counterintuitive idea; it is about sunscreen’s negative properties. When most people envision sunscreen, they consider its protective properties, rather than its damaging ones. With this said, sunscreen containing PABA-based chemicals can irritate the skin and do more harm than good in some cases. Alternatively, sun damage can be more deleterious. So, continue wearing sunscreen, but opt for products without PABA chemicals.

#7 - Fragrances
Fragrances are inundated with chemicals. Hence, it is no wonder that they account for many cases of skin irritation. For some, musk is a common reactant, inciting the terrors of skin irritation. For others, vanilla scent is the main culprit.

#8 - Food
Food is yet another item on the list that is necessary for life. Many food items, such as lime, react with the sun and produce skin rashes and other forms of irritation.