The Life of a Third Wheel

Love is a truly beautiful thing--the joining of a couple into something bigger than either of them. When you're in love, everything else in the world seems less important--which sucks if you happen to drag a friend along, like this poor guy. He documented his often-awkward experience hanging out with one of these doting couples.

#1 - At the Carnival

I'd assume the couple are sitting next to each other once again? OK, that's fine...I'll just stick to the back row with a stranger again. No, no worries, it's all fine.

#2 - What a View

Conversation is hard to keep up when two of the three of you are doing nothing but whispering sweet nothings into one another's ears.

#3 - On the Beach!

Surf! Sand! Awkwardly keeping your distance to avoid public displays of affection! The beach truly has it all.

#4 - The Amazing Attractions!

When they're not busy staring at one another, they're busy staring at attractions. No time for the third wheel, whatsoever!

#5 - Making Their Way Downtown

You know, guys, it's really OK to go somewhere by yourselves from time to time. You don't need to invite a friend along just to be nice!

#6 - Shoe Shopping

Just look at this guy's expression. You can tell he's absolutely having the time of his life, watching other people go clothes shopping. Just the way you want to spend a weekend.

#7 - Now Where are We Going?

Alright, guys, give me one good reason I should tag along this time. What possible excuse could you have for me coming along? What is so important that you need a witness?

#8 - ...Oh.

Well, that explains a lot! At least when this best man claims he's always been by this couple's side, he'll have the photographic evidence to prove it.