The Age When You Start Your Period Says A Lot About Your Life Span

Many women remember their first menstrual period for the rest of their lives. In fact, a study of 50,000 women found that nearly all of them were able to tell the researchers what age they got their first period at. Periods can tell you so much about a woman’s monthly cycle and health. It may even be able to tell a woman’s life span. Keep reading to find out how.

#1 - Early Periods Are Bad?

According to studies conducted at the University of Queensland, Australia, by Gita Mishra, if you get your first period in your later teenage years you are more likely to live past 90 years of age. The earlier you get your period the shorter your lifespan.

#2 - 12 Years Old

They found that the benchmark was 12 years old.

#3 - After 12

If a girl had her first period after 12 years of age she is more likely to have a longer lifespan.

#4 - Averages

13 years old was found to be the average age for girls to get their first period, and 50 years old was the average age for the last period. Although 14% of participants in the study had their first period before the age of 12, and their last before the age of 45.

#5 - Convictions

Gita Mishra believes that the findings from the study should be incorporated into medical advice, so that women who had their first period at the age of 11 can be prepared for the possibility of early menopause.

#6 - Menopause

As the average age for the menopause was found to be 50, women who go through the menopause later are also more likely to reach their nineties.

#7 - 31% Higher Chance

Women who started their periods before 12 are likely to go through the menopause between 40 and 44.

#8 - Other Studies

Other studies such as one from the University of New South Wales also backs up Mishra’s findings.

#9 - Early Menopause

Reaching the menopause before the age of 50 also correlates to an increased risk of heart problems and premature death. Women who went through the menopause after the age of 50 were found to be a lower risk level.

#10 - Correlation

While researchers know that there is a correlation between periods, and lifespan and health, they don’t know why.

#11 - Management

The early menopause can be managed, and it can mean a reduced risk from breast cancers due to the drop in oestrogen.

#12 - Smoking

Some research suggests that smoking can also cause the early menopause.

#13 - Impacts of Smoking

Smoking impacts many parts of your health, from your lungs, to your reproductive cycle and organs.

#14 - Conclusion

So the age that you get your first and last menstrual period can tell you some interesting things about your lifespan.