Teaching Sucks And We Will Show You Why To Avoid The Profession Like a Plague.

You like children? Thinking about becoming a teacher? Think you know all the reasons why that one annoying teacher in your past did a bad job as a teacher? If the answer is yes, you might feel different after reading this.

#1 - Career Choice Teacher?
In order to make your life-choice easier, we prepared a short list of the most significant pros and cons of being a teacher.
Let’s start from the BAD things, as we all know they are there and always will be!

#2 - So you think you will have long holidays?
Nope. Nothing more wrong. Being a teacher means long hours of working on every possible holiday. Weekend? What about that assignment you have to check? Or the latest test? You think that you can relax during Christmas? What if your class is preparing to finals? Nope. Forget that.

#3 - What is your attitude towards bad behaviour?
If every time somebody makes you feel really angry you want to smash something on the floor, please think through your decision of becoming a teacher twice. Or three times. Or 100 times.
In the class, no matter what age range you will teach, there WILL be at least a one evil soul, whose aim will be only to destroy you and make you lose control.
This is a very difficult art to master. Especially in the beginning of your being-a -teacher-adventure. If you are still in, remember to gain the respect through balanced and assertive behavior

#4 - Parents can be worse than children
Critical, demanding and resentful. Always claiming that their kid is the best. And hey! It is impossible that THEIR kid behaves badly!

#5 - So you think you are the only one?
Yes? Well, surprise! You are not.
Each year the amount of jobless teachers grows. Due to the economic climate it can be very difficult to find a permanent position. However, if you still really want to be a teacher there is a solution for that! Getting yourself known in a variety of schools by undertaking supply work can be a good way to start.

#6 - That moment when they finally learned something!
We don’t want to make that short post all about negative aspects (which we could still trade here). Let’s think about the positive aspects of being a teacher!
That light bulb moment when something that you've taught has been understood by a student is a serious privilege. Not only it feels good but you realize that you became somehow immortal!
By spreading your knowledge, which hopefully will be spread further, you are writing the pages of history.

#7 - When you don’t have to worry about unstable income.
When you are lucky enough to get a permanent position, you will get a stable income with yearly rises.

#8 - Sharing your passion.
When you want to teach something what you love you will share your passion. Passion is always rewarded the most, as you put your heart into what you are doing!

#9 - That moment, when you look at them writing the exam.
When you sit there, watching, observing... And you see how much they struggle.
You see them trying to cheat and you see them being so unaware that you can see everything…
This moment is so ridiculous that you are trying so hard not to interrupt the exam by starting to laugh out loud.

Not only because of them trying to cheat.

But because you think “how the heck did I land in this place?”