Secret iPhone tricks you need to know about

In a modern age where we live through our phones, it seems there's nothing these handy devices cannot do. Still, with every iOs update comes a new feature, and it appears Apple aren't too open on the communication front.

If you're looking for some secret iPhone tricks that'll make your life easier, look no further…

#1 - Customize the way your phone vibrates

It's hard to tell which phone belongs to who when they all vibrate in the same way, right? Wrong. Go to settings>sounds>ringtone>vibration>create new vibration, and use your fingers to tap out a boutique pattern that's unique to you.

#2 - Discreet flashing for secret notifications

From business meetings to serene spas, some places just aren't appropriate for vibrations or ringtones. Head to settings>general>accessibility to set up a flash notification.

#3 - Step away from the delete button when you make a typo

Fed up of holding your hand on the delete button when you make a typo? It's okay, shaking your phone has the same deleting effect.

#4 - You can time when your music switches off

If you're the type of person who likes to drift into a peaceful slumber with Einaudi working his magic in the background, there's a way to ensure your music doesn't carry on throughout the night. Using the clock app, it's possible to set a timer.

#5 - Boost that speed even further with cache clearing

Clearing up your iPhone's RAM is handy, but cache clearing will take you a step further. Head to the App Store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center or Phone Apps, tape any of the single buttons along the bottom ten times and the cache will clear.

#6 - Keep a track of your conversations with time stamps in iMessage

If you'd like to know what time you last heard from someone, you can check the time stamps on your messages in iMessage. Head to the app, drag your thumb to the left of the screen and the times will appear.

#7 - Enjoy speedy app processes by clearing up your RAM

Apps running slower than you'd like? Hold down the power off until the "slide to power off" prompt appears, then hold down the home button until the home screen clears. Voila! Super processing speeds are yours once more.

#8 - Retrieve the last screens you had open in Safari

Isn't it annoying when Safari insists on constantly opening new screens and you lose the last page you looked at? By holding down the + button, you'll pull up all the screens so you can browse them at your leisure.

#9 - Transform your iPhone into a mobile spirit level

When your friend's refrigerator is looking a little skewiff and they don't have a spirit level to hand, you can come to the rescue with your iPhone. Open the compass app, swipe your finger to the left and the spirit level will appear.

#10 - Make sure your medical history essentials are accessible

If you have a critical medical history but you don't want to wear an identifiable ID, you can make sure emergency services can access it using your iPhone. By filling out the vitals in your health app, you make it accessible to everyone via the "medical id" section of your emergency screen. Remember, no passcode is needed for others to access this – so save those embarrassing deets!

#11 - Kiss goodbye to read messages cluttering your Inbox

Open your mail app and hit the "edit" button, then select "unread". In doing this, you'll ensure only those vital unread messages are visible when you open your emails.

#12 - Transform your iPhone into an aviation geek's dream tool with Siri

Want to know which planes are flying over you right this second? Just ask Siri. She does know everything, after all. Quick note, this feature doesn't work in every country!

#13 - Don't let sucky WiFi connections get you down

Few experiences are more frustrating than streaming your favorite YouTube channel, only to find the connection drops at an important stage. Fortunately, there's a function for that! Head to settings>cellular, then turn on WiFi assist so your 3G and 4G can kick in when you need it to. Bear in mind, this gets costly when you go abroad, so turn the function off when heading out of your home country.

#14 - Trick your phone into using night shift AND low power mode at the same time

Why oh why did Apple insist on creating phones that won't use night shift and low power mode? Well, despite their engineers best efforts, savvy users have found a way around this frustration. Activate low power mode via settings>battery. Open up our good friend Siri and demand that she switch your phone to night shift. She'll give her usual warning, but if you ignore her, tell her to go ahead, and quickly press the sleep button to keep her quiet. As a result, night shift will kick in and she'll be none the wiser.

#15 - Go back to basics with a hard reset

Is your precious iPhone giving you a hard time? Well, you need to be brutal. Press and hold the home and lock button for at least five seconds and the hard reset will work its magic.