Ridiculous and hilarious hotel requests, fulfilled.

As someone who actually worked at a hotel desk for five months, I’ve heard some pretty bizarre stuff in my time. In fact, we even kept a notebook behind the desk full of strange and funny requests, questions, and concerns from our guests. Some of them were real winners, but the crazy requests below made most of them seem like nothing!

#1 - This 28 year-old-dude really wanted a pillow fort.

“If it’s not too much trouble could you build a fort out of pillows? It’s definitely not for a 28 year old male.”

What really makes this one for me is the “You’re welcome :D” sign. Can’t quite tell if it’s a quip about the effort required or if the employee was genuinely amused. Probably the latter - I know I would be!

#2 - This woman was “very disappointed’ at the lack of Nick Cage pictures in her room.

Sarah Kovacs Grzywacz jokingly requested a photo of Nicholas Cage at Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk. The staff delivered, and Sarah continued to make requests throughout the week. One series of texts went like this:

“I was very disappointed that there was no Nic Cage picture or bath towels in my room (321) today.” – Sarah

“I apologize. I will have the towels sent up shortly.” –Dashae

“I would really appreciate a picture of Nic Cage in 8 MM next to my television to complete my collection.”

“Good choice!” – Ramon

The staff even went so far as to leave an apology note when one of the photos was late!

#3 - The hotel staff cannot guarantee requests—but seriously, what won’t they do?

“Please provide a picture of a dog dressed as a boat captain and place on my bed, thank you.”

I’d love to know exactly why this obscure picture was requested. In any case, I’m impressed that a staff member managed to hunt one down!

#4 - Now that is some sexy bacon.

The original request to the Woodlands Resort read,

“Three red M&Ms on the counter. Not packages, just three single M&Ms. One for me, one for my girlfriend, and one to split if we get hungry late at night. And a picture of bacon set on the bed. I love pictures of bacon.”

The couple completely forgot about their bizarre request … and of course started cracking up when they saw the requested M&Ms neatly in a row along with a very alluring photograph of bacon strips propped up on the bed. Good to know Woodlands Resort will help you get your oddball groove on.

#5 - This guy wanted a personal portrait, and got it.

“If you could please draw a picture of what you think I look like and place on my bed I would appreciate it.”

They framed it and everything. I wonder how far off they were?

#6 - You won’t believe how ADORABLE this fulfilled hotel request is!

“Please build a pillow fort on our bed with 5 additional pillows. We would also appreciate a towel folded into the shape of an elephant. If possible, we would enjoy a sexy picture of some fruit on the night table.”

How awesome is that elephant, seriously? It’s amazing! I only wish we could check out the “sexy” picture of fruit. What makes a fruit picture sexy, I wonder? In any case, you can tell that the picture is there, because you can see the edge of the frame!

#7 - This highly specific hotel request was answered with an equally specific note

“Can I please have a baby Stegosaurus in my room. I will bring the food and water, and I’ll take care of him. Thanks.”

Imagine this person’s surprise on finding this cute little dinosaur toy waiting in their room, along with the highly specific note, “We couldn’t find a stegosaurus, but we did get a parasaurolophus dinosaur.”

#8 - The whole cast of Family Matters!

“If you could provide a printed out picture of Grandma Windslow from Family Matters and place on my bed I would appreciate it.”

Not bad, they got the whole cast photo.

#9 - Highly specific request fulfilled—with complementary apples.

“Please print out a picture of Alfonso Ribeiro and Jeremy Jackson and place on the bed like they’re looking at each other.”

They even put the pictures on little stands! Not bad! Oh, and there appear to be complementary apples. Someone took pride in filling this request!

#10 - Who doesn’t want a kitten photo and a towel swan on their bed?

Unfortunately the original request isn’t available, but it must have gone something like this:

“I really, really need a photo of an adorable kitten on my bed and a towel folded like a swan staring deeply into its eyes.”

#11 - Another request filled by Hotel Indigo

“I’d like a drawing of a dinosaur please.”

If you want a hotel to take your special requests seriously, stay at Hotel Indigo! Redditor ashleypenny writes, “It was in the middle of that phase where reddit was full of pizza boxes with dinosaurs on, so I put ‘I’d like a drawing of a dinosaur please’ in the special requests box and promptly forgot all about it. When I turned up and gave my name, the girl on reception got all excited and said, ‘I hope you like it.’

It’s still framed on her wall!

#12 - The joke is funny; the fact the request was fulfilled is even funnier.

It’s strange how many hotel requests seem to involve dinosaurs. This request didn’t specifically mention anything dinosaur related, just that a joke be left in the room.

The requester forgot about it completely, and received a pleasant surprise when on reaching their room they found this note:

“Room 517: Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the ‘p’ is silent :D Enjoy your stay.”

#13 - He got this hotel to pony up!

“Every time my girlfriend and I go on vacation, I ask for a picture of a horse saying, ‘Hello!’ in the ‘Special Requests’ section of the reservation form. Finally, a hotel delivers.”

This hotel staff definitely wasn’t horsing around!

#14 - Welcome to the Danger Zone

“Could we please have a framed picture of Sterling Archer that says Welcome to the Danger Zone on the night stand?”

Request delivered, perfectly framed and everything! This one was posted by the hotel clerk who fulfilled it, who added, “Sadly, they did not check in while I was working. I would have made them my best friend immediately.”

#15 - Yet ANOTHER dinosaur!

“When I booked my hotel a few months ago, I put a few special requests as a joke … Champagne, roses and a plastic dinosaur.”

Awesome plastic dinosaur! But what I really want to know is this … why do a full quarter of all weird fulfilled hotel requests seem to involve dinosaurs?? :D