Problems that Only Short Girls Understand, But Everyone Should Know

I must admit that some of these fit short men too, especially #7 ;) However it is, great things come in small packages! This is the prevailing mantra among petite women, but there are still cute but annoying problems that short girls encounter in their daily life.

#1 - Tall people treat you like a kid.
They tell you that you’re cute and pat you on the head like a kindergarten student.

#2 - Everyone in front of you is taller.
This gives you no option but to jump to get a glance of whatever it is that you want to see up front. You’re small, but your bod is pretty tight from constant jumping!

#3 - You can hear but you can’t see.
You miss almost half of the concert or game because you can hear, but you can’t see the people on the stage or field.

#4 - You can’t go past the 5 ft. mark when swimming.
Your hot and daring bikini body is very much under-appreciated as pool water goes up to your neck! You end up sun tanning by the pool instead.

#5 - You get the infamous “are you old enough” experience at Theme Parks too.
You wear big girl clothes, but you end up getting measured before hitting a scary ride.

#6 - You will always be treated like furniture by people taller than you.
There are times when you feel your shoulders become an armrest for friends who are taller than you. If you’re unlucky, tall, insensitive people will convert your head into their very own headrest!

#7 - You are cute instead of beautiful. You’re adorable instead of sexy.
It’s flattering to get these complements, but the pinching of cheeks is unacceptable.

#8 - The kitchen is your workout playground.
Reaching for things on the top shelf of cabinets is a workout. Unless you have a ladder on hand, you always end up climbing the counter.

#9 - The clothing section for kids is a must-see.
When all else fails in the full-grown adult section, you still have one last option! The kids section seem to have your size, but in terms of fashion- MEH!

#10 - The alterations shop is your haven.
When you buy an x-small or small dress, alterations are still a must. Its all good though, all thanks to the folks at the alteration shop