Moms Make The 7 Naughtiest Confessions Ever... and i mean EVER!

Every human has the same basic needs and desires, such as food and shelter. The other thing is everyone has in common is that everyone makes mistakes, and they do some things that they shouldn’t have, things they’re not proud of. Moms are human, just like everyone else, and they can do some things that they shouldn’t. Here’s seven of the best confessions from moms on Candid, a confession app.

#1 - Business Trip to Germany

"I have no idea who the father of my daughter is... Years ago i cheated while on a business trip to Germany and he didn't use a condom".

She went on a business trip, and may have come back with a baby.

#2 - Secret Children

"I had a night of reacquaintance sex with my ex. We met up once a year and now he secretly ha four children he knows nothing about.".

Meeting up with your ex for sex isn’t usually a good idea, but having four kids with him that he doesn’t even know about is an absolutely terrible idea.

#3 - High Sex Drive

"I'm a single mother and pushing 40. My sex drive had shot way up last year and i'm horny all the time".

This mom openly admits that she has needs that she hasn’t been able to satisfy.

#4 - Patience

"I feel bad for my boyfriend because since I've became pregnant sex kills me. It hurts so bad. I have to hold back tears every time".

Pregnancy can be pretty stressful by itself, but adding painful sex into the mix just makes it seem so much worse. Her boyfriend needs to wait until after his child is born.

#5 - Mama needs to have her Wine

"Whenever my baby sees a bottle of wine, he says, 'Mama's?"

Wine is great, but it helps to have the kids in bed before your partake. That way you can avoid situations like this.

#6 - Why not try Sharing... with your daughter (WTF)

"My daughter and I have been 'sharing' her bf. We haven't had a threesome, but we've talked about it and it may happen".

This is odd, weird, and so not for the majority of people on the world. The potential complications from this is mind blowing.

#7 - Kids are expensive you know

"When I was 6 months along I was offered the chance to do 'preggo porn' for a rather large sum. I hesitated but eventually caved".

Babies are hugely expensive, so I wonder who would find it easy to say no when offered a large sum of money. I only hope that she has no regrets over her decision.