Lips don’t lie – Find out what your lips say about your personality

Our body language speaks volumes about our personality. But the Chinese point out that our features, especially the facial features, reveal our character even better. Face reading has become a very common skill. The shape of the lips is believed to disclose a lot about your role in relationships. Here is an interesting list of the different lips shapes and what they tell about your nature.

#1 - Wide Lips

This is an interesting lot. They are very talented, have plenty of interests, are extroverts and are the heart of the party. They love perfectionism but are also adaptable. They take the road less travelled and have plenty of admirers and lots of friends.

#2 - Thin Lips

Thin lips symbolize a reserved and cautious nature. However, they are very independent, highly successful in careers. This might make them end up as loners, but if you can win their trust, you will witness their surprisingly sweet and sensitive side.

#3 - Full Lips

Fuller lips are sexy, don’t you agree? But they also symbolize courage and confidence. People with fuller lips are said to be very nurturing and giving (no wonder men fall for women with fuller lips!). These women are inclined towards motherhood and are natural at maintaining relationships. People with fuller lips are passionate about everything in life; the thicker the lips, the more passionate they are.

#4 - Round Lips

All the good kissers have round lips. These people have a lot of charisma and charm and often challenge themselves. They love adventure and are also very confident about themselves.

#5 - Hearth shaped

Heart shaped or also known as butterfly lips are breathtaking to look at. This shape signals a very expressive and creative person. They always carry themselves with lots of elegance and glamour and don’t shy away from voicing their opinions. They like taking charge of their lives and have a vibrant personality.