Why you should forget getting in shape was impossible to achieve

No matter which gender you represent the modern society wants you to be tough, strong, and capable. All of these attributes are often associated with "having muscle". Most if not everyone would love to have some lean muscle, get fitter and stronger, but simply don’t know how to do it. However, it’s a lot easier than you may think.

#1 - Investigate Proper Form
Weight training and eating right are the two best ways to gain muscle. However, people don’t realize that proper form when lifting and working out is essential to packing on the muscle. Go to a gym or hire a trainer to find out how you should be working out for your body.

#2 - 8-12 Repeat Range Only
A lot of beginners will try too hard and tire themselves out when working out. This cannot only hurt you but discourage you as well. Always start slow and lift only for a short amount of times. 8-12 reps should be good for those just starting out.

#3 - Start Light
Showing off at a gym will get you nowhere and neither will overestimating what you can lift. This can hurt you and make it harder for you to gain muscles. Start your workouts by only lifting what you can handle, gradually adding weight each week or two.

#4 - Take A Day Off
When you work out hard you are actually creating little tears in your existing muscles that will repair and make them stronger. This isn’t dangerous unless you start to lift more than you can handle. However, your body does need time to rest and recuperate. Every two or three days take a day off from lifting and muscle building exercises in order to do this.

#5 - Do Cardio After
Cardio is an important part of a workout; however, it should be done after you lift. This is because you want to ensure that your most energy is going toward doing your lifts as accurately as possible, lack of energy can make you put less effort into difficult lifts.

#6 - Decide When to Train
Creating a training schedule will help you stay on track and stay focused. It will also help you keep track of which days you do which type of training and which days you will take off the rest. Keep a schedule of each day, taking every two or three days off. The schedule should include which body part you are working out, what lifts you need to do, and any other exercises you will be doing that day.

#7 - Eat Right
When trying to build muscle eating right is a big challenge. What you really need is a lot of protein, which is a collection of different fats. Popular foods containing protein include soy beans and cottage cheese; powdered whey protein can also be added to drinks like milk, water, and juice.

#8 - Build a Meal Plan
Besides finding a diet that works for you, keeping to the diet can be an even more difficult task. It is recommended that you find foods and recipes that work for you and build a meal plan each week. Plan out what you will be eating on what night and stick to it.