Hilarious Reactions from Two Very Different Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people in this world. It doesn’t really matter how you slice it—there’s the people who view it your way, who are of course right in all possible things, and those other people who view it the other way, and are, of course, laughably wrong. Here are some of the best clashes between two very different kinds of people.

#1 - There are two different types of friends to help you through your medical issues.

Dermatographia is sometimes known as “skin writing”, because physical pressure allows you to draw and trace patterns into your own flesh that will then stay there for about 30 minutes. Some people can create beautiful works of art or deep poems that stay on the skin for long enough to be noticed, and then gradually fade into the background. Other people draw crude pictures, because they are secretly twelve years old.

#2 - There are two different kinds of ocean lovers.

Ah, the majesty of nature. For some, it can remind people of the beautiful world that we live in, and the deep and uncharted mysteries of the universe. For others, it reminds them of nothing more sharply than that one stupid video game level they could never beat. We each have our own priorities, I suppose.

#3 - There are two different types of body part in this biscuit dough.

If you see this as a heart, you might be in a situation where you’ve been lacking meaningful emotional relationships. You might be looking for someone to have and to hold. If you see this as a ballsack, you may have less pure ideas in mind.

#4 - There are two different kinds of surprises when you get home from a long day.

A trail of rose petals, welcoming home a lover from a long day at work? Or a trail of blood droplets, leading the detective to the scene of a grisly murder? Either way, there’s probably a movie in it if you can get Johnny Depp to star.

#5 - There are two different kinds of seasons.

I’ll admit, this one has actually happened to me. I was watching a show with some friends, and they asked me which my favorite season was. I started talking about how summer is nice and warm and sunny and there are things to do outside. They meant what season of the show we were watching. Lesson learned: context is important!

#6 - There are two different kinds of life goals.

Little kids often dream of being an astronaut, or a princess, or president, or a president-astronaut-princess when they grow up. Adults often dream of being able to afford rent for this month. Life goals can really vary wildly.

#7 - There are two different kinds of tight fits.

Once again, if you see something like this and think of how random chance is amazing and how life really can be serendipitous at times, you may be overthinking things. If you see something like this and think of women’s undergarments, you might be underthinking things.

#8 - There are two different types of strips.

The English language can be kind of a Rorschach test at times, when two different words have the same spelling. Context clues are important, though—if someone tells you about a chicken strip, they’re probably talking about lunch.

#9 - There are two different kinds of impressive lengths.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? I’m just talking about what an amazing long-distance swim I’ve accomplished, going from state to state, and you’re taking it all juvenile and sex-obsessed. Calm down a little!

#10 - There are two different kinds of linguists.

Some people, when asked to come up with a better word, will turn to the experts. They’ll bust out the ol’ thesaurus and chase down synonyms and antonyms. Others stride boldly forward, making up brand new words. If it’s good enough for Shakespeare, it’s good enough for me.