Get Lost! 7 Tips for Losing Weight

Now that the New Year is in the rear-view mirror, do you find yourself still fighting that holiday bulge? Don't lose hope! Follow these 8 simple tips to help lose weight and make sure you'll fit into that swimsuit for the summer.

#1 - Work within a Realistic Calorie Budget
Take a look at guidelines published by the USDA to see what your calorie intake should be every day. Using this realistic number, you can make better decisions throughout the day about how to break up your meals into nutrition packed snacks that won't burst your weight-loss goals.

#2 - Talk to Your Friends about What's Worked for Them!
Reaching out to friends and family for support when dieting is a must! Not only can you learn from their experiences, but they can provide words of encouragement week after week. Just remember, if your friend has been "dieting" for the past three years, you might not want to take their advice as seriously as your other friend who lost 50 pounds last year and has managed to keep it off!

#3 - Snack Attack!
Instead of eating three big meals, speed up your metabolism and keep hunger at bay by grazing throughout the day. Studies have shown that people who eat small snacks constantly are significantly more successful at maintaining a healthy weight. So, what are you waiting for! Pick up some snack bags on your next grocery trip; you can do it!

#4 - Slow and Steady Wins the Race
While it may feel rewarding to go all out and drop a ton of weight, studies show that you're more likely to keep the weight off if you make less dramatic choices in your approach to weight-loss. Take the path of least resistance and choose small, realistic improvements to your lifestyle every day. If you compare each day to the previous 24 hours, then you can improve no matter what! If you stumble, that's okay; you've got a fresh 24 hours ahead just waiting to see what you're made of.

#5 - Enjoy your food!
Don't cut out all your favorite foods in your quest to eat healthier and lose weight, given that it won’t take a toll on your dieting. Responsible eating is the cornerstone of long-term weight-loss. Also, giving yourself the taste of things you love builds habits overtime that encourage you to enjoy food without guilt.

#6 - Never Give Up!
Everybody falls down. It's the ones who get back up that win (or lose) in the end. No matter what, treat everyday like a new challenge. You're going to fail, we're all human. By celebrating your successes every day, you'll be able to roll your positive attitude into tomorrow's inspiration!

#7 - Water is Your Friend!
Drink up! Drinking water fills you up, which decreases the chances you'll over-indulge at dinnertime. In addition, drinking cold water helps to speed up your metabolism as your body has to work harder to stay warm and digest. So drink plenty of water and enjoy those pants you didn't fit into before!