Ever Imagined What Happens When You Stop Using Shampoo For A Year?

Skip shampoo for a few days, and you know what happens: hair gets greasy and stringy, and your scalp may feel itchy or even inflamed. But have you ever wondered why your hair, a perfectly natural part of the human body, seems to ‘need’ a completely unnatural chemical product? The answer may surprise you: it doesn’t.
If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve considered going ‘no-poo’. These girls gave it a go, and here’s what they had to say.

#1 - No Shampoo: Weird at First, But Gets Better

The first few days of no-poo felt pretty normal, with hair feeling gross and greasy. But showering normally, except only using water on hair, washes out dirt and odours, leaving hair soft and smooth--not stripped of oils and dried out, as it does with shampoo. No need for conditioner, either!

#2 - Save Your Hair, Save Money

After a few weeks, your scalp’s oil production will adjust to the new conditions of your hair treatment, and produce less oil. Your hair will stay soft and smooth, all the time. Granted, you’ll still need to wash with water every day. Without the expense of shampoo and conditioner, what would you spend that money on?

#3 - The First Few Days are the Biggest Challenge

Reading about the benefits is one thing, but it takes some guts to actually try it! You may be thinking, I couldn’t go to work or school with dirty, greasy hair for that first week! But trust me, it’s worth it. If you’re worried about dirty hair odour, try using a body mist or light perfume on your hair.

#4 - Using Baking Soda as Shampoo

If you find that you have naturally greasy hair, you can supplement your no-poo treatment with a paste of baking soda. Baking soda will cut the grease, while being gentler on hair and healthier for your body than a storebought chemical product. Furthermore, baking soda has natural deodorizing properties that will leave you smelling fresh.

#5 - Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Wash for Truly Silky Hair

If your hair tends on the drier side, feeling a bit like straw without conditioner, try ACV for a hair rinse in the shower. The acidity will relax your hair, making it feel silkier.

#6 - Mix Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda for Hair

If you’re not sure about no-poo, but just want to switch to a natural wash, try mixing the two as mentioned previously. This girl added teas and spices to provide a sweet scent to her hair.

#7 - Scalp Massage for Hair Health

Under the shower, give your scalp a gentle massage with your fingertips, not fingernails. Part of the chemical ingredients in shampoo is designed to help water lift dirt and oils from the hair. So, you can replace this easily with a bit of manual help. It will feel great, too!

#8 - Traveller’s Trick: Use Natural Pear’s Soap on Hair

When backpacking or hiking, you must travel light. This backpacker uses simple Pear’s soap on her hair, so that she can skip shampoo in her pack. She combines the soap with essential oils to add a pleasant scent to her hair.

#9 - Your Body Adjusts to No Shampoo Sooner Than You Think

If you’re trying the no shampoo challenge, rest assured it won’t be easy. You may feel gross, dirty, or even stinky. But remember, after a few weeks, everything will be back to normal. Just stick with it! It’s worth it.