9 Dudes Who Are Terrified of The Squat Rack

… or any leg-improving machinery. Seriously, dudes. Just because you can't see your legs over the swell of your pecs or bulge of your biceps doesn't mean you can neglect them. You are a NOT embodying the inverted triangle look, you are embarrassing all mankind. Do not miss leg day, bro.

#1 - This example of what gym buddies should NOT look like:
Seriously, the purpose of a workout buddy is that he'll notice your chicken legs and promptly escort you to the nearest squat rack.

#2 - This mirror selfie guy who's obviously blind.
Either he misunderstands the whole "bodybuilding is about proportion and symmetry" or he is incapable of seeing below his shoulders.

#3 - This dude whose forearms are literally bigger than his legs.
This is the sole reason sweatpants exist. A dude with legs like this should not even OWN shorts.

#4 - This prime example of what chicken legs looks like.
This guy is ripped right down to the waist and below? Tragedy. You can literally type "chicken legs" in a search engine, and this picture pops up.

#5 - This guy who shouldn't be taking gym selfies, period.
Something is legitimately wrong when you can stand in front of a mirror, snap a picture, and actually post it within a fitness context. Dude be like "hashtag legdayeveryday".

#6 - This guy whose upper body is sucking the life from his legs.
Bench presses over one hundred percent of his body weight, squats about 10% of his little sister's body weight. And that's on the rare occasion he finds the squat rack.

#7 - This guy whose just kidding with that back brace.
- he's actually not even sure what a dead-lift is and wouldn't attempt one if his life depended on it.

#8 - This guy who looks smug for some reason.
It definitely ain't about his legs, maybe it's that anklet. Like, seriously- he is wearing an anklet. No wonder his bro is as far away as he can get without being obvious.

#9 - Jack Hughman
This one breaks my Wolverine-loving heart, but I'm not one to overlook skinny legs when I see them. I guess his upper body gets the most camera-action, anyway.