Driver crashes into Leonardo Di Caprio's car, this is how the actor responded…

Let's face it, poor old Leonard Di Caprio hasn't had it easy. First, he became a star-crossed lover in, then the object of his desires on a cruise ship let him freeze to death, and more recently, he's found himself making his millions on the stock market, only to lose it again.

On a more serious note, the world's most well-loved Oscar winner saw one of his favorite cars come to a sticky end. And how did he respond to his involvement in a car crash? You're about to find out…

#1 - He hugged his girlfriend in despair

Leo's pain at the loss of his car was evident. What's even clearer is just how distraught Nina is. Don't worry, Nina, we're sure he can afford a new one.

#2 - Unlike his time on the Titanic, he survived without any injuries

Leonardo may have failed to survive the Titanic sinking. However, he still stepped away from the crash without any injuries. Miraculously, so did the other driver!

#3 - Ever the gentleman, he checked to make sure the other driver was okay

It appears di Caprio's penchant for chivalry doesn't just exist in the movies. After taking a moment to check on his beau, he assisted the other driver involved.

#4 - They all bonded in the shade as they contacted their insurance companies

Celebrities as rich and as famous as this aren't about to sweat in the New York sun while they contact their lawyers. Instead, they all took to the shade while they got in touch with the relevant parties.

#5 - With a cheeky grin, Leonardo attempted to cheer Nina up

What's the loss of a car between a couple this beautiful anyway? And who could resist a grin as cheeky as that? Let's hope Nina took some solace in his newfound joy.

#6 - It soon appeared Nina wasn't too upset

While we'll never know what words were exchanged, it seems he was able to work his magic. Beaming from ear to ear, Nina was soon receptive to a roadside embrace.

#7 - Just what is Leonardo pointing out to the other driver?

With a stance and accusatory finger that could easily be interpreted as a sign of aggression, he was seen our beloved Leonardo looks as though his temper is fraying. Fortunately, it transpired he was pointing out some damage to the other driver.

#8 - She stepped out with no hesitation

And wouldn't you do the same? After all, every minute you spend sat in the driver's seat as the sun beats down is another minute that could be spent watching "Catch me if you Can".

#9 - Didn't the Range Rover look lovely before?

From the shining bonnet to the gorgeous celebs sat within it, doesn't the Range Rover look gorgeous? Let's hope it didn't encounter too much damage. The chances are, other angles would tell a different story!

#10 - Confusion and misery set in as the feds arrived

With the appearance of a man in uniform comes a harsh reality; there's paperwork to sort out. Fortunately, it took little more than a quick discussion to make sure everyone was safe and sound before they were all able to head home again.