Do You Even... 10 Animals Who Lift More Than You.

So you've done some bench presses at the gym bro? Just a glimpse at these animals will put your "results" to shame. Keep warming up on that treadmill bro. Keep spinning bro. I mean, Do You Even...

#1 - This ripped kangaroo whose pecs are more developed than yours will ever be.
Oh, the bench press sucks for chest development? Dude. Look at my pecs. Just look at them!

#2 - This lioness with bulging triceps.
Unlike you, she's succeeded in isolating all three triceps heads.

#3 - This massive horse whose musculature is everything you've ever wanted in life.
Bro, do you even bulk?

#4 - This SQUIRREL with jacked biceps. I mean, c'mon!
Seriously? A squirrel curls more than you and he lifts nuts.

#5 - This pig who has never skipped leg day ever and flaunts it.
Leg day everyday. Get it together, guys.

#6 - This pitbull who has zero problem building his lats.
Lat pull-downs all day, son!

#7 - This bull who's not afraid to work on his glutes.
Talk about hogging the squat rack. #allidoissquat

#8 - This stag who knows he's a hunk.
Only strike a pose if you can back it up.

#9 - This gorilla with clear ab definition.
Abs are made in the kitchen? How about in the wild?

#10 - This chimpanzee whose definition you secretly envy.
It's all about genetics and hard work, dude. Mostly genetics though.