The Cutest and Freakiest Species that Melt your Hearts and Form your Nightmares.

Hairless and pale skin, human teeth or weird tentacles on the nose. Softest fur, big cute eyes and ears combined with the cutest face.
Some of these features are considered more flattering than the other to the majority of us. However all of them are equally fascinating creations
of evolution. Let us know in the comments the most beatiful and horrifying species.

#1 - The Blob Fish
Voted in 2013 as "World's Ugliest Animal" should say enough already. Scared to go swimming now? Fear not! The Blob Fish is only to be found in the deep sea and its unlikely for you to pass ways with a living example.

#2 - Fennec Fox
This absolutely adorable creature with it's iconic long ears lives in the Sahara of North Africa. The reason for such long ears is not for better hearing as i first suspected, but to dissipate heath.

#3 - Naked Mole Rat
No this is not a failed experiment or a genetic error - the Naked Mole Rat exists exactly in this form and they are living together in colonies. The only thing that calms me down a bit is that shes living underground and far away in East Africa.

#4 - Baby Hedgehog
Some people call baby hedgehogs hoglets, which to me sound rather unflattering. Since i'm an 80's kids and used to own a Sega Genesis, you might understand my absolute love for hedgehogs (Sonic). Baby hedgehogs must be one of the cutest animals in the world with their little spikes and all.

#5 - Venezuelan Poodle Moth
I wasn't really sure if this is cute or creepy so I asked my girlfriend and listening to her screams while she ran outside lets me think its more creepy than cute.
Equally loved and scared of the Poodle Moth, it became an internet sensation in 2012, three years after it was first discovered.

#6 - Axolotl salamander
Just look at that smiley face and tell me that it's not the cutest thing you have ever seen. Even though i'm not (dare i say), at least people who are fans of pokemon, must agree that this salamander is one of the cutest things i've seen, even if it's not that cuddleable.

#7 - The Pacu Fish
Related to the infamous Piranha, the Pacu is not a carnivore per se. Beside some smaller fish the Pacu usually eats fruits and nuts. But what really freaks me out are their human looking teeth.

#8 - Red Panda
Did you know that red pandas are also called by the name of "lesser panda"? What great injustice does such name do for this absolutely adorable face. This neighborhood cat sized, hearth melting, Himalayan furrball is the only living thing of it's species, genus Ailurus.

#9 - Mexican Mole Lizard
At first glance it looks like a snake. When you get closer, the front part looks like a lizard. The whole creature is just creepy to me. They have the size of and move like earthworms. On X-ray there are traces of hind legs too but evolution made them disappear over time.

#10 - Sugar Glider
These wide-eyed gliding possums look quite similar to squirrels, but i think you would agree they are ultimately cuter little critters. These Australian natives hilariously translate form their latin name Petaurus breviceps to "short-headed rope-dancer".

#11 - The Goblin Shark
The long nose gives the shark the ability to sense electric fields to encounter prey. Whats even more creepier about the odd looking jaw is that it can be extended to the length of its nose.

#12 - Polar Bear babies
These ruthless, seal eating, king's of the Arctic Circle are similar to other big predators when they are still young, absolutely endearing. No matter how much this cute little furball warms my hearth, it's frozen at the same time by our selfish contributions to global warming, melting the ice caps and placing these beautiful creatures in danger.

#13 - Star Nosed Mole
You probably know the usual mole. Its cute, present in lots of kids movies and books. Although they are obviously related, nature gave this kind of mole a nose that resembles a star. It can be found in eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States but I'm not going to search for it! Eeeew!

#14 - Miniature pig
Take a look at this cute face and then take a moment to think how these adorable little fellows were originally bred for medical research. I do not blame scientist, since human and pig DNA is very close to each other and these guys have helped modern medicine take huge leaps forward. Luckily miniature pigs today are also privileged to enjoy their lives as human pets. And why wouldn't they, just look at that cuteness.

#15 - Lobster Moth Caterpillar
The name alone is capable of freaking me out not yet speaking about its look. Yikes!
Which was the most creepy or frightening Animals for you in this list?
Let me know in the comments!

#16 - This concludes our gallery of the most cutest and freakiest animal species on our beautiful planet earth. Don't forget to comment your favorite and post a picture in the comments if you happen to find more.