This Is What a Woman Needs and Deserves This Winter (Men take note)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. NOT! Although winter conjures beautiful thoughts of the holidays, family gatherings, and good tidings, it also delivers nasty weather conditions that dampen our spirits. Be winter proof with these essential items to own for the upcoming chilly season!

#1 - Body Scrubs
The cold temperature and freezing air contribute to the development of dry skin. You will notice that your skin looks drier and your lips chapped once winter starts setting in. The best way to combat such a problem is by using body and facial scrubs to gently but effectively remove irritatingly dry skin.

#2 - Moisturize all the way
Exfoliating the face and body with a scrub to achieve glowing skin would be futile if not followed up by use of moisturizers. For redness and flakiness you need to use a healing lotion or balm developed to not only moisturize but soothe and calm the skin as well.

#3 - Boots for walkin’
Winter is the time to give your open-toe sandals and flip flops a rest until spring. It’s time to take out your pair of trusty snow boots for the winter season. Make sure to wear snow boots that promotes comfort, is waterproof, and stylish too.

#4 - Hair conditioners and creams
When constantly exposed to freezing winds and below –zero temperatures, our hair becomes dry, brittle, and unhealthy. Wearing caps and hats can only do so much. You will need to use hair treatments that deliver intensive hydration and moisture. Don’t let winter be all about hair days when you can still look fab by simply using hair hydrating treatments!

#5 - Sweaters
Never leave the house without wearing or bringing along a sweater with you. A cashmere sweater not only looks prim and proper, but very stylish too. You can layer sweaters so you can remove them while indoors and instantly done them before braving the cold winter outdoors.

#6 - Basic flats
Whether you prefer cute ballerina shoes or stylishly comfy loafers, you will need these footwear essentials when indoors. Always bring a pair of flats with you as walking around the house or the office wearing a pair of boots can feel a tad bit hot and feel uncomfortable too. It’s always best to have a comfy and elegant footwear on hand during winter time.

#7 - Long-sleeve shirts and blouses
If you are cold intolerant, this clothing item should be winter staple. You can wear long-sleeve shirts by itself, or layer it up with other warm and cozy pieces of clothing. Long-sleeve shirts protect your upper torso, so you remain warm and toasty amidst the violently cold winter season.

#8 - Overcoat
Invest in thick and stylish overcoats so you are sure to be protected from the freezing cold conditions that winter bring. These coats may not be as useful for the remaining three seasons of the year, but the insulation and comfort that they deliver make them worth every penny!

#9 - Tights
Wearing thermal wear is a must, but wearing colorful and luxurious tights is a fashion necessity. Completing your outfit with colored tights completes the perfect winter look.