9 Times your eyes tell you lies unless you try really hard. Can you figure out #5?

Not everything is how it appears at first glance. Here, we have a collection of 10 photos that will make you look a little closer next time.

#1 - How Many Does This Motorcycle Seat?

This bike seats 2. No wait, make that 3. Oh, and it has an underneath compartment for a 4th.

#2 - Literal Man Bun

This takes the term "man bun" to a whole new level. Even her man bun has a man bun.

#3 - A Speeding Parked Car

Either it is a really windy day or this van has a perfectly placed background to go with this car.

#4 - Puppy Face

Face of a puppy, body of a man. This is what it would look like. A little strange, huh?

#5 - Giant Ape Attack!

Help! This giant ape is about to destroy the city! Right after it crushes this car.. or maybe you can just shew it off your windshield.

#6 - One Head Short

2 bodies, 1 head? Either this is an awkward angle or people are in to some really weird things these days.

#7 - Centaur Bride

It's so great that this man and this centaur were able to fall in love despite their differences in height and number of legs.

#8 - Dressed Up Llama

This llama is just sitting around today.
Fun Fact: Llamas are the only other species that wear jeans and sneakers on cold days.

#9 - Nice Legs

This guy has a nice pair of legs, but maybe it's time for a few leg presses. They almost look like his wife's.