9 Signs Your Cat Loves You And How To Show Her That You Do Too

How can you truly tell if your beloved feline adores you? It is safe to assume that most cat lovers yearn for the attention of their angelic, furry, feline friends. Cats are generally an independent species, so you must bond with them gradually over time. But, once you bond, your cat will display the following signs of adoration.

#1 - Slow Blinks
Slow blinks are often likened to “kisses” in the feline world. A slow blink can either signal affection or a lack of hostility to a seemingly dominant figure. If your cat blinks slowly at you, return the favor and blink slowly in their direction, as this is a sure sign of affection.

#2 - Tummy Exposure
When cats engage in battle, they protect their abdomen, as this is a vulnerable area. As a result, cats rarely expose their abdomens to individuals that they deem untrustworthy. But, as your cat grows to trust you, he/she will display his tummy more often. In fact, he may even allow you to pet his fuzzy tummy.

#3 - Following You
The more that your cat adores you, the more that she will follow you. Cats display an intent interest in what their cherished human companions do throughout the day.

#4 - Head Bunting
When your cat’s head converges abruptly with yours, do not be offended. This is neither an attack nor a sign of hostility. Cats generally head bunt those they love.

#5 - Kneading You
Kneading mimics a behavior that cats demonstrated in infancy, during their milk feeding days. They sometimes engage in this behavior in preparation for a nap. If your cat occasionally kneads you, then they are displaying a great sign of affection.

#6 - Rubbing Against You
The feline body comprises various scent glands, which routinely release pheromones. These pheromones assist them in establishing their mark and territory. Therefore, if your cat rubs against you, they are most likely claiming you as their own. Delight in knowing that you are your cat’s most prized possession. Yet, they own humans, not the other way around.

#7 - Sleeping Next To You
Cats have a deeply instilled survival instinct and they shy away from vulnerability in most cases. Therefore, if your cat sleeps near you, then she must perceive you as a protective and trustworthy figure. Sleeping next to a different species displays a vast leap in trust and loyalty.

#8 - Greeting You
If your cat makes a concerted effort to approach you each day (even after meal time), then they probably adore you. Some people tout the misconception that cats are brash animals that wallow in their own self-absorption. Yet, when a cat grows to love a human companion, he/she becomes gleefully excited in that human’s company.

#9 - Meowing For You
How often do you speak willingly to those whom you despise? If your cat often meows and uses other vocalizations in your presence, then he probably loves you. Cats have their own means of communication and use it to forge social relationships. Of course, some cat breeds are naturally more talkative, sociable and attention-seeking than others.