9 Reasons Why Old People And Facebook Don't Mix Well

We have all witnessed at least one of the questionable statuses or creepy comments or at the very least heard about their existence. What i'm talking about of course is Old people on Facebook. When it comes to cringy or funny statuses, this demography takes the cake. Get ready for emotions....

#1 - Stop dancing with the devil!

Say what Granny? I'm not sure you understand the context, huh?

#2 - Comment on a news post about a child that was duct taped to a chair at a daycare center.

Good thing Kyle's parents never let Shirley babysit!

#3 - Happy Birthday, Kalie!

Long story short. Katie posted this 9/11 tribute to her Facebook and apparently its Kalie's birthday as well.

#4 - Please thank;you...!!

Sorry Mary, too late. The police are on their way.

#5 - #sonotintowomen

C:\Users\Dolores\Desktop\pictures5\janruary\New folder\New folder\funny_minions.JPG

#6 - Have a great year!

Oh, thanks Granny!


Wrong site Kent ! LOL

#8 - Who says old people can't roast?

"I knew you were going to say that"

#9 - Terrill membas.

Good memories :)