9 of the Strangest Advertisements You’ve Ever Seen

In order to get consumers’ attention, advertisements have to do something completely different from what’s been done before. These nine ads take that idea to the extreme, creating weird scenarios that are memorable and very odd.

#1 - Kenwood Chef
This ad doesn’t seem to understand what a chef is—after all, their entire job is cooking. The ad manages to be offensive and wrong at the same time.

#2 - Catalina Convertibles
It’s pretty unclear what’s happening in this ad. Is that woman about to drop the starfish on her friend? Or is she giving it to her as a present? Either way, the picture has nothing to do with what the ad is selling, making the whole thing even more bizarre.

#3 - A nutritious dairy food
There’s a lot of weird things about this advertisment. For one, that plate of ice cream—sorry, “nutritious dairy food”—looks pretty gross. And two, what is a nutritious dairy food anyways? It appears the only way to find out the answer is to try the product.

#4 - Reddi-bacon
If you’re too lazy to fry bacon, this product allows you to just stick it in the toaster and call it a day. It’s never been so easy to make the internet’s favorite food.

#5 - Van Camp’s Pork and Beans
This little boy’s expression is pretty terrifying. Either those pork and beans are the best thing he’s ever tasted, or the absolute worst.

#6 - ClubMed
This is another ad that raises so many questions. Where did they get the stilts? Why didn’t they just use a boat? And why are the people sitting on the beach not running in fear?

#7 - Sun-In
If you’ve been looking for a way to make enemies, Sun-In has a solution for you: just spray their product into your hair. Becoming hated has never been so easy.

#8 - Chin reducer and beautifier
This old-timey contraption manages to be horrifying and funny at the same time. Hopefully it didn’t take women long to realize how silly they looked with this thing strapped to their face.

#9 - Hair Growing Hat
This hat looks like something that belongs in a sci-fi movie. We’re guessing that Alois Merke didn’t find much success with his “remarkable” invention.