8 Weird Soft Drinks Found Throughout The World - GARLIC, really?

Classic soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi can be found in most countries, and most people are familiar with their tastes. But these soft drinks are much rarer and stranger than the classic sodas. Here are eight of the weirdest drinks found in the world.

#1 - Irn-Bru
This soft drink is native to Scotland, where it’s beloved. The soda is described as tasting “fruity,” although no one can agree on what type of fruit the flavor is based on. If you’re in Scotland, be sure to try a bottle and join the debate.

#2 - Kimchi Soda
This Japanese soda comes in a variety of strange flavors, including bubblegum, curry, and wasabi. The drink is very popular in Japan, so maybe the odd flavors taste better than they sound.

#3 - Black Garlic Soda
Most people like a dash of garlic on their pizza or pasta, but it’s pretty rare to find someone who loves garlic so much that they want to drink a can of it. This Swiss soda is made for that person. You’ll definitely need to chew some gum after drinking this.

#4 - Slim Bitter Soda
Algerian soda manufacturer Hamoud Boualem creates a variety of soft drinks, many of which are similar to Coke and Pepsi’s products. However, they do have some odd flavors available, including slim bitter soda. Like its name says, the soda has a bitter flavor. It also has a hint of lemon, because nothing goes better together than bitterness and sourness.

#5 - Mauby Fizz
This Caribbean soda is made from the bark of the Mauby tree. The tree bark soda is surprisingly sweet, although it does have a bitter aftertaste that lingers in your mouth.

#6 - Grass Jelly Drink
Many first-time drinkers of this Malaysian soda say its texture is comparable to sludge. Although that doesn’t sound very appealing, it’s still supposed to be tasty, with a healthy amount of honey causing the “sludge” to have a nice, sweet flavor.

#7 - Pepsi White
Have you ever wondered what it would taste like if you mixed Pepsi and yogurt together? Pepsi White answers that question. Not too surprisingly, combining these two flavors creates something that tastes pretty bad.

#8 - Black Currant Soda
This Fanta flavor can only be found in Egypt and Kenya. There’s no better way to relax on a hot day than with this sweet soda.