8 Signs That Your Relationship Should and Will End

A relationship is a union between two disparate people, with equally dissonant backgrounds, genetic makeups, and personalities. It is a wonder that any relationship survives against these odds. Therefore, all thriving partnerships deserve their share of accolades based on this fact alone. Of course, you may feel twinges of doubt about your partner if you notice the following red flags.

#1 - You Argue At Least Once Per Day
Every couple suffers from the occasional disagreement. However, incessant anger may stem invariably from a far deeper issue: incompatibility. Every couple has its share of difficulties, and relationships require the concerted efforts of both parties. However, if you argue once per day, once every other day, or even a few times per week, you should seriously reevaluate where you stand.

#2 - You Envision Yourself Traveling Alone
When you are committed to someone, you envision a future with that person. You fix your imagination on travel, new experiences, and indescribable moments of happiness with your significant other. On the contrary, you may be consumed with a very different fantasy, one which entertains the single life. If this describes you, then your relationship may be nearing its demise.

#3 - The Idea of Forever With Him/Her Is Terrifying
If your relationship is suffering, then the concept of forever may give you a visceral sensation at the base of your stomach. Envision spending the rest of your life with your significant other. Do you feel a joyous ethereal feeling of nirvana? Or do you imagine yourself in a prison cell instead? If you indicated the latter, then this may portend heartache down the road.

#4 - You Enjoy Your Alone Time More Than Ever
Remember the infatuation stage, when you found yourself enmeshed in every aspect of your partner’s life? It is perfectly normal for the honeymoon phase to dissolve over time. But in some cases, this decline is far more extreme. Sometimes, two people become fixated on each other’s flaws, quirks, and inconsistencies, and the ideal view they once upheld of one another is suddenly shattered.

#5 - They Cannot Admit To Their Faults
Usually, arguments are incited by a righteous form of anger. Each party vows aggressively to affirm their sense of rightness in a given situation. However, emotionally healthy and high functioning individuals are capable of apologizing when necessary. If your partner rarely admits to fault, blames you relentless, and displaces accountability when they are wrong, then it is best to walk away from this relationship.

#6 - They Are Toxic
Colloquially, a toxic person is termed an “energy vampire” for reasons that are self-explanatory. Anyone who complains incessantly, wallows in self-pity and mounts endless discussions of victimization upon you is considered toxic. These types can drain you and the relationship of vitality.

#7 - You Despise Their Relatives
There are occasions in which couples unite in matrimony, in spite of their family’s public displays of disapproval. Of course, if your significant other’s family show overt signs of contempt for you, then you might feel disillusioned and hopeless about the future. If, however, this is the only obstacle in your relationship, then there may be hope.

#8 - They Rarely Commit To Plans
Some people are naturally inclined to dismiss plans, as they flee even the slightest demand for commitment. If someone is incapable of committing to a simple dinner plan or outing, how likely are they to commit to you in the future?