8 Brutal Twitter Comebacks That Will Leave you Laughing Rampantly

What better place than Twitter to Burn your desired recipient? But you should be aware that Twitter can be a dangerous place for the ill-equipped memelord. What's worse that trying to be funny in front of millions of people, only to get shot down by somebody who clearly understands the art of the comeback much better than you understand the art of, well, being funny.

#1 - Not so fast Buddy

I'm sorry, but you'll have to get to the back of the queue

#2 - And its gone...

Thank you very much :D

#3 - Forever alone

Seems like someone never got their valentines cards, lol.

#4 - Jet Grind Game

Come on Justin ;)

#5 - Take a long look


#6 - Talking Cars you say, eh.

Boy, do we have a movie for you.

#7 - Perhaps they can call and ask if the are BFFs

I'd love to see them try :D

#8 - What a lovely resort

In mario Kart, lol.