7 Times Single Guys Got Caught Pretending to be dating.

Sometimes you just get tired of your friends and family constantly asking why you are still not in a relationship or the very least dating on Tinder or something. Well, these guys did and put some serious effort to put an end to it. For the good of mankind they decided to reveal their elaborate dating scheme and now you can see how they did it. Following series of 7 staged relationships is just absolutely hilarious.

#1 - She’s with me on my birthday.

My girlfriend here with me making wishes on my birthday. Dating her has been awesome. Coming up with this tactic as a single boy on your birthday will save you a lot of stories on why you don’t have a girlfriend yet from your friends who are in a relationship. I term this as dating yourself, do you agree with me?

#2 - Bae caught me sleeping!

Just imagine you’ve been single all the while and you just need to feel among those in a relationship doing all these lovey-dovey things. I wish this was real though, but you know what they say... "Fake it till you make it"

#3 - My baby got the ketchup.

Having a nice time with my girlfriend at Mickey Dee's and she wiped the mess that i made on my face. Quite lovely, isn't it?

#4 - Enjoying ice-tea with my girl.

We are having a lovely time at Tully’s place enjoying some fresh ice-tea. She just loves capturing these lovely moments of us doing everything together.

#5 - She’s so lovely and cute.

I fell a sleep on my laptop after a tedious day of managing my Facebook page, and she wrote this sweet note and took a picture. My imaginary girlfriend is so romantic, isn't it?

#6 - Short girls are amazing.

To kiss me on the cheek, she had to do this. Short girls are just amazing. I wish I had one though.

#7 - We are going far away.

In a train with the love of my life going somewhere far away. At least, I have a shoulder to put my head on while sleeping. Excellent imagination, huh?