Genius Halloween Costume Ideas For TV lovers.

With Halloween fast approaching, you don’t want to start panicking and leaving your costume choice too late. Thankfully, we have compiled a list on your behalf.


#1 - These throwback Rugrats costumers will bring you back to your childhood – literally!

What's better than reminiscing about the days of your childhood and of the shows you used to watch than dressing up as your favorite characters?

#2 - If you want to go a for a more mature approach, dress up as the Rugrats parents

If you don't want to dress up like your favorite Rugrats babies, why not try to take the more mature approach and become the parents of them?

#3 - Simple yet effective version of Vincent Adultman of BoJack Horseman fame

When you feel like keeping your grown up pants on, this is the costume for you!

#4 - My Little Pony and Ms. Frizzle join forces

Is there a better team on the planet than that of My Little Pony and Ms. Frizzle? I think not...

#5 - Does it get much closer to Grandma Yetta from The Nanny than this?

Rocket yourself a few decades into the future and see how people treat you when you look identical to Grandma Yetta thanks to this great costume

#6 - These conjoined twins seem to have their wires crossed…

The conjoined twins seem to be going in opposite directions. Hopefully they don't fight likes cats and dogs...

#7 - Doesn’t this Ja’mie: Private School Girl costume look simply marvelous?

Ever wanted to see what it would feel like to dress up as a schoolgirl? Well here's your chance to do so...

#8 - All of the Adventure Time members in one place

This group look like they are truly ready to set out on yet another great adventure.

#9 - Every town needs a superhero just like Quailman

Everyone's favorite child superhero has to be Quailman. Fearless and craven at the same time... Great excuse to wear your underpants outside.

#10 - Recesses’ King Bob on a budget

If you're on a budget, you can't go wrong with this homemade King Bob costume

#11 - The dream team; Ugly Betty. Moss and Lando Calrissan

The awesome threesome ready to take over. Perfect for a group of three friends to express their inner nerd.

#12 - Loving siblings from the Adams Family

Everyone's favorite freaky family. Express your sibling love by dressing up as the Adams siblings...

#13 - Real monsters!

A cult classic, rekindle the joys of people's youth by wearing these amazing costumes.

#14 - The Mindy Project’s Mindy Lahiri

If you are looking to keep things highbrow and hope to be mistaken for a real life doctor, here's your chance!

#15 - These gentlemen looked fantastic as Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous

These guys pull off the Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous look so well, don't you think?

#16 - Everyone’s favorite Fairly Odd Parents

Everyone's parents are odd in some way, but not nearly as strange as this pair. Dyed hair is optional...

#17 - Martini on point for Joan of Mad Men fame

If you are looking to dress up nicely while having the opportunity to sip a classy drink at the same time, here's your chance!

#18 - Extremely enthusiastic Spartan cheerleader

Everyone loves cheerleaders, so here is a chance to showcase your talents as the nation's most beloved set of cheerleaders, the Spartans.

#19 - The adventurer Eliza Thornberry’s amazing costume

Everyone's favorite family of adventurers, the Thornberrys were often saved from their own carelessness by Eliza's quick thinking.

#20 - Time Lord and Sandra Bullock from Gravity vintage

Sandra Bullock throws back to her glory years with this funky outfit accompanied by her able accomplice Time Lord

#21 - Buster and Arthur don’t come better than this

The best of friends somehow overcame the fact that they were a rabbit and a bear respectively. Grab a friend and do the same to overcome any differences you two may have.