16 Unspoken Secrets Of a Boyfriend’s Life, He Will Not Openly Share With You

All relationships have ups and downs. There’s periods of complete emotional stability, to times of arguments. Nobody likes the arguments, but they really are simply a part of a regular relationship. Often relationships work best when there is honesty and transparency. Although there are some things that your boyfriend would prefer to keep secret from you.

#1 - Ex-Girlfriends

Boyfriends don’t like to talk about their exes. They like to leave the past in the past. They don’t want any memories shared with ex-girlfriends to affect their present and future with you.

#2 - Don’t touch his personal property

Your boyfriend might not tell you that he doesn’t like you going through his phone or wallet, but he doesn’t. There probably won’t be anything there that will end your relationship, but as he won’t do it to you, he expects the same in return.

#3 - Don’t fall into hysteria about YouTube for Adults

One of the reasons why men don’t really want you looking at their phones, or tablets, is because they tend to have adult content on them. It may be in clips, photos or some other form, but there will be some form of adult content. BUT IT’S NORMAL. There is something wrong in your male partner if they don’t keep looking at adult content in relationships.

#4 - Bad Habits die hard

Whatever his bad habits are - personal hygiene laziness, drug use, smoking, alcohol - he won’t want to talk to you about it. Although, he won’t be opposed to the idea of you indulging in his habit with him, and he may even suggest it first, but beyond that, this is a no go area for him, because honestly, who likes someone nagging about a thing you already know is not the best for your health. A few cigs or drinks here and there does not need an intervention and your nagging might in fact have an opposite effect and make things worse.

#5 - Checking out other girls

Men are always going to be checking out other women. They can’t help it, but they won’t want to talk about it, and will probably deny it, if you ask.

#6 - Fantasies in bed

Men can be reluctant to tell you what their fantasies in bed are. They don’t want to tell you exactly what they want to do to you.

#7 - Grudges

Sometimes you might make your boyfriend furious, but he will try to remain calm. However, he probably won’t forget what you’ve done.

#8 - Lies told in the past

Men may have lied to you, to their families, to their ex-girlfriends, but they won’t tell you about them.

#9 - Emotional stability

Men actually have very little emotional stability, although they won’t admit that. They will need your emotional support, but they won’t ask for it.

#10 - Insecurities

Men are much more insecure than they are willing to tell you. They worry about their looks, their performance in bed, if you find them attractive, and if they keep you satisfied.

#11 - Dependency on you

He won’t tell you that he relies on you. He may open doors for you, pick up the check when you’re out, and carry all your shopping bags, but he needs you to be beside him, or he feels lost.

#12 - All Day Cuddling

He may not admit it, but there is nothing he wants more than to spend all day cuddling in bed with you. After sex cuddling will make him feel reassured that he satisfies you and that you are happy with his performance.

#13 - Resisting your decisions

He is his own person, and he may resent you if you are the one making all the decisions. He may not tell you, but he doesn’t like you making all the decisions and forcing them on him.

#14 - Commitments

It isn’t commitment itself that he’s afraid of, but he does wonder if he’s capable of financially supporting both of you for the rest of your lives. You don’t want him to pay for everything, and you can support yourself financially, but these thoughts won’t enter his head. Men also don’t want to make their relationships their hobbies, so don’t turn into a monster when everything is not about you. It’s not wrong priorities, it’s called having a life. They are still committed.

#15 - Morning Wood

The scientific name for morning wood is Nocturnal Penile Tumescence, or NPT. This is because at night, all their sexual fantasies are given free rein, and their testosterone is at a higher level in the morning. No matter how much you understand about morning wood, your boyfriend won’t tell you about it.

#16 - Fear of losing you

He may not ask you to live with him, but the thought of losing you is terrifies him. He won’t tell you how much the idea of losing you scares him, but be aware that it does.