14 Amusing Differences Between Cats And Dogs That'll make your sides hurt.

It’s an age old question. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Of course, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be both. But there are a few differences between owning a cat and owning a dog. Dogs are sociable creatures. Cats are independent. Dogs need your love and affection. Cats can take it or leave it. Here’s some comics that perfectly capture the differences.

#1 - Protection

A dog will protect you from an attacker. A cat will join the attacker.

#2 - GOOD BOYE likes to BE scratched while kitten loves to DO the scratching

Dogs want you to pet them all the time. Cats don’t. You can only pet a cat when they decide that you are allowed.

#3 - No touchy!

This diagram perfectly illustrates all the places a dog likes to be touched, and all the places a cat likes to be touched.

#4 - Texting

We’ve all wondered what would happen if our pets could text us while we’re out. This sums it up perfectly.

#5 - How It Feels When A Pet Jumps on You

Dogs love everyone. Cat chose the very special few.

#6 - Emotions

Dogs have a wide range of emotions and they express them. Cats are basically Ninjas, they don’t want you to know what they’re thinking even if their life depended on it.

#7 - There can only be one Highlander

Dogs believe that you are God. Cats know that they are.

#8 - Who are they really?

A dog is man’s best friend. A cat is your roommate or the landlord.

#9 - Bathing

You can bathe your dog in a few easy steps. You may get wet, but it won’t be too bad. There are no easy steps to bathe your cat. You will bleed.

#10 - Wants

A dog is happy with anything you give him. A cat can turn his nose up at even the most select offerings.

#11 - Friendships

A dog will want to do whatever you are doing. A cat will never be able to make its mind up.

#12 - Meeting Friendly Pets

There’s a difference between meeting a friendly dog, and a friendly cat.

#13 - The Difference Between Dog People And Cat People

Dog people can do things with their dogs - play games, go for walks. Cat people do things for their small furry overlords.

#14 - Why You Should Be Both A Cat AND A Dog Person

Both cats and dogs have their good points, so you should absolutely be both a cat person and a dog peron!