10 Unexpected Confessions From The Friends Actors

Everybody has seen Friends at some point in their lives. Even now, years later, it still garners audiences, and remains a firm fan favorite today. Everyone had their own favorite character - the one who reminded you most of yourself, and we loved watching them to see what would happen next. But these 10 confessions from the cast will leave you shocked at what was happening behind the scenes.

#1 - Matt LeBlanc on Playing Joey Tribbiani

Matt LeBlanc played Joey for the ten seasons of Friends. Turning off half your brain to play a character may not help you in real life, but it definitely made for some entertaining scenes for the rest of us.

#2 - Matthew Perry on Courtney Cox

This confession is the sweetest one on the list. We always knew that Chandler and Monica should be together.

#3 - Matt LeBlanc on Joey and Rachel

We all had feelings about Joey and Rachel. Some of us wanted them to work, others believed that Ross and Rachel were meant to be. Regardless of how you felt, the cast had their own feelings as well.

#4 - Courtney Cox on Monica Geller

I can’t think of anyone better than Courtney Cox to play Monica Geller. Dancing in a fat suit and eating doughnuts sounds like loads of fun.

#5 - Jennifer Aniston on ‘The Rachel’

How many of us asked our salon to give us ‘The Rachel’ haircut? It was such an iconic look, and everyone wanted it.

#6 - David Schwimmer on Ross and Rachel

Most of us wanted, and knew deep down, that Ross and Rachel would end up together, but maybe David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller, didn’t feel the same way as the rest of us.

#7 - Lisa Kudrow on Pheobe Buffay

I loved Pheobe. She was my absolute favorite character. I completely agree that she was never stupid!

#8 - Matthew Perry on Playing Chandler Bing

Matthew Perry is as funny off set and he was on set playing Chandler Bing. Many of his roles after Friends have glimpses of Chandler’s sarcasm.

#9 - Maggie Wheeler on Janice

Poor Janice. She genuinely had no idea that people didn’t like her, and still reacted to everyone in the same over the top way.

#10 - James Michael Tyler on Gunther

I think everyone felt the same way about Gunther. But thankfully he wasn’t able to keep Ross and Rachel apart forever.