Things You Do Daily That You Should Avoid Like Plaque

So you enjoy your 3 cups of coffee a day or love your time on the toilet a tad bit too much? Those are just a few examples that you should avoid in your everyday life to stay healthy. Sometimes the most innocent little daily things can harm you in ways you never thought possible. Let us know in the comments your bad habits.

#1 - Popping pimples
I know it's hard to leave those suckers alone, but really you should. You will most likely only make it infected that will just hurt the healing process and in worst cases leave permanent scarring.

#2 - Drinking too much Coffee
This one should come as no surprise, still i see people consuming over 3 cups at the office every day, and i have little doubt that the same goes on in most of the offices around the globe. Not only does the excessive caffeine disturb your sleep, but it also dries your skin. Considering the fact that your skin is your biggest organ, you do not want to dry it up.

#3 - Consuming excessive amounts of water
Nearly every health magazine you ever read has promoted water drinking as the holy grail of health. While water is very important to us considering the human body weight is approximately 65% water, consuming too much of it is not healthy either. Consuming too much water will flush your body out of important salts and might even cause death.

#4 - Sitting on the toilet
Hemorrhoids, you definitely want to avoid at all cost. One sure way of getting those bad boys, is taking too long sitting on the toilet. Try to avoid reading a magazine or your smartphone, since those are well known to prolong your time on the toilet.

#5 - Excessive exercise
It's should be no surprise that doing too much of anything is not really good for you. This applies to excercise
as much as it does to everything else. Your body is not meant for constant labor and every move you make
essentially wear it out. The very least you should do is different excercisess, don't just do the same routine every day.

#6 - Eating a lot of wheat products
How i love to scoop the remains of the pasta sauce with some delicious white bread. Unfortunately i avoid it now knowing how different wheat is today than it was 50 years ago. Not only does the excessive amounts of gluten i get from all the wheat products make me fat. The toxins like sodium azide in "today's" wheat certainly are bad for me. It's no surprise why i feel bad on the days i intake too much wheat.