True Friendship? Don't miss these 10 signs of the most valuable treasure in life.

Sometimes, our desire for friendship blinds us to telling red flags, which often hint at a toxic relationship. True friendship is a rare gem to be relished for a lifetime. Discovering true friendship is the first key to preserving and cultivating that relationship. This article will unveil 10 signs that you have found true friendship.

#1 - Your Friend Supports Your Endeavors
When you are brimming with ambition and motivation, a true friend will support you. When you affirm your goals, desires and aspirations, a true friend will exalt you, your abilities and your capacity to attain those goals. Anyone who undermines your sense of aptitude and drive is no friend at all.

#2 - Your Friend Gives You Support In Times of Need
On occasion, everyone is stricken with the plight of grief, distress, and sorrow. On the rare occasions in which you feel despondent, a true friend will uplift you and support you without hesitation.

#3 - He/she is Not A Manipulator
Superficial friendships are often conditional and transactional. A manipulative friend will display kindness and acceptance, under the condition that you meet their expectations. However, a true friend will offer you unconditional regard, even if you fail to meet an unfeasible ideal.

#4 - You Can Be Yourself Around This Person
As a human being, you rightfully deserve the opportunity to be yourself. Anyone who denies you this opportunity is not a friend, but rather, a forlorn critic who should be conveniently tagged a ”frenemy”.

#5 - This Person Is Not a Drama Queen/King
Tension is critical in storylines, movie plots, and on occasion, life. Every relationship requires some tension in order to challenge you, and ultimately, fortify your friendship and your personal growth. However, gratuitous drama has no place in any friendship, and it can prove more detrimental than it can invigorating.

#6 - Your Friend Does Not Resort To Comparisons
There is nothing more disheartening than a comparison between you and your perceptibly perfect friend. If your friend possesses traits of narcissism, this is likely to spill into the fabric of your relationship. However, a true friend will rarely compare the two of you for the sake of bolstering their own ego.

#7 - He/She Is Kind To You
A true friendship is a nurturing relationship free of verbal and physical attacks. While disagreements normally ensue in all relationships, any form of aggression is strictly discouraged. A true friend will disagree with you in a cordial and respectable fashion.

#8 - He/She Speaks Highly Of You Behind Your Back
A duplicitous friend is like an artificial cake. It looks appetizing, sweet and comforting, but in reality, it is bitter, tasteless and rigid. A real friend will never slander your name behind your back, nor will they tarnish your reputation without your knowledge.

#9 - He/She is Usually Positive
Nothing is more disconcerting than a negative Nancy. Every human being in existence experiences negativity, as this is a facet of the human condition. However, a friendship centralized around negativity is both toxic and discouraging. In a real friendship, the positive will naturally outweigh the negative.

#10 - Your Friend Is Independent
Friends should be available and nurturing, but never clingy to the point of absurdity. A friend that is engrossed in every facet of your life borders on codependency, and this can be equally as unhealthy as neglect.