Amazing Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Visit Scandinavia

Scandinavia boasts the perfect environment that breeds prosperity, wealth, and beauty. It features all the right elements of picturesque nature, massive wealth, vibrant culture, impeccable lifestyle, and excellent food to name a few. It is due to these qualities that millions of people from around the world visit Scandinavian countries at least one in their lifetimes. Here are a few things that you will soon find to be true once you visit this insanely beautiful region in Europe.

#1 - Only in Scandinavia will you witness northern lights
The Aurora Borealis is a spectacular show caused by solar winds getting trapped in our planet’s magnetic field. The result is a wonderful display of colorful lights in the Northern Sky, that which is vibrant and clear when viewed from the town of Tromso in Norway.

#2 - When in Norway, go skiing
Norway invented skiing as a sport. The country experiences long winters and heavy snowfall which may have been the reasons why they developed skiing in the first place. The Norwegian town of Lillehammer is one of the best places on Earth to enjoy the various types of skiing activities that we have to date.

#3 - You can swim with the whales in Scandinavia
Africa has its Savannah safari, whilst Norway and Iceland promotes whale watching and safari. Different whale species migrate to the oceans and seas that surround Scandinavia for several months of the year. Tourists and locals are even encouraged to swim with the whales too!

#4 - A theme park built from Lego! It’s real!
Legoland is the famous theme park in the Scandinavian country of Denmark. It’s Disney Land’s European theme park counterpart, only cooler. The rides, buildings, tiles, and houses are built from a total of 340 billion pieces of Lego!

#5 - Extreme winters and extreme summers
Winter time in Scandinavia means months after months of total darkness. The sun never shines in the Scandinavian countries during winter season. Scandinavians do not despair though as summertime promises non-stop sunshine all day long!

#6 - All Scandinavians go to college
Student loans and tuition fees are nonexistent in the almost all countries under the Scandinavian region. This is due to the fact that Scandinavian countries offer free university education to its locals, and even among foreigners too!

#7 - Scandinavians are crazy about fish
The tastiest and most delicious dishes of Norway, Finland, and Denmark are made from fish! Salmon, caviar, and Lutefisk may be pricey delicacies in other parts of the world, but in Scandinavia they are very reasonable and are part of daily meals.

#8 - Iceland is not all Ice
You may think that Iceland may have been called as such due to the fact that it’s filled with ice, when in fact it’s teeming with volcanoes. This country has numerous volcanoes, majority of which are active and are spewing hot lava on the surface, and ever changing the landscape of the country.

#9 - Scandinavians are the happiest people in the world
Scandinavians enjoy a minimum of 25 days of vacation from work and up to two months for paternity leave. With a lot of down time in their hands, it is not surprising to know that they are the happiest group of people in the planet!

#10 - Scandinavia developed some of the most distinct and beautiful subgenres in music
Black metal from Norway and Symphonic death metal from Sweden! Scandinavia brought forth some of the heaviest and most notable musicians in the realm of heavy metal!