10 Photos That will Make You Scream “WTF?!” Directly At Your Screen

A picture's worth a thousand words. A picture shows us what life is really like, unlike our unreliable memories. Is that really true, though? Sometimes, when you take a picture at just the right moment, you get an image that just doesn't seem possible--it doesn't make any sense! No matter how many times you look at these pictures, your brain will struggle to understand what is really going on.

#1 - This is just a man lying next to a baby.

I know what it looks like. YOU know what it looks like. But no, that's and ear, those are shoulders, and that's just a bald guy. Nothing to see here, really--just poor timing, and the lack of a shirt.

#2 - A real-life cartoon?

The combination of a clear blue sky and a neat wireframe sculpture makes it look like this hill in New Zealand has a giant tissue on it. A single cloud would have ruined this shot; instead, it looks amazing.

#3 - Fingerman!

That's an extraordinarily thick neck on that guy, yeah? I hear from very reliable sources that this is NOT, in fact, a human finger wearing a wig, but just an oddly-angled shot of the back of someone's head.

#4 - Water fixes everything

If you tried for years, you couldn't reproduce this shot--by sheer coincidence, the altered reflection in the puddle makes this flat tire look perfectly rideable. Now, if only we could exchange the busted bike for the one in the reflection...

#5 - An Armed Fish

Are we sure this isn't a screenshot from the sequel to Finding Nemo or something? Or perhaps horrible fish-human hybrids have been released into the ocean for sinister purposes? No, it's just a fish photobombing a vacation photo.

#6 - A Purr-fect Haircut

This cat also wants to be in your photo, but he has a much more cunning disguise. The pattern of fur on his ear perfectly matches that guy's hairline--or else, it's a see-through cat. They have those now, right?

#7 - Zebra-Woman!

It took me a good ten or fifteen minutes before I noticed the woman's actual legs, hidden in shadow on the stump there. With her long coat and shadows, I was beginning to wonder about her equine rear end!

#8 - Mis-figured

He's got legs, and he knows how to use him? Nah, look again--he's sitting in the chair. You can just make out her hair, blending in with the background, in front of him. I mean, full props to that guy if he DID have those legs, but...

#9 - Girls or Gorilla?

When most people point out a cloud or something to me and say "that looks like a bunny rabbit", I just smile and nod--it's usually not very close. But I'll be danged if that isn't a gorilla in that shadow there. Like, 100% simian.

#10 - Benjamin Button, exposed!

I know a lot of babies have wrinkly old-man faces, but this one seems to be taking it to an extreme. Even looking at it again and again, I can't see where the kid's head ACTUALLY is, leaving it looking like a comically shrunken old man.