10 Pictures That Totally Illustrate The First World Problems Of a Modern Girl

Let’s face it: it’s not easy being a girl. From the unrealistic expectations of society to the simple frustrations of trying to look the way you want, being female can be one of the most maddening things ever. Explaining it to a man? That’s a whole other story.

#1 - Sleeping with Long Hair

Why is it that having long hair is like sleeping with a muppet that’s trying to choke you to death? Long, luxurious hair may make you feel like a princess, but you may wake up feeling more like Rumpelstiltskin.

#2 - Trying out New Eyeliner

How do the YouTube makeup tutorials make it look so easy? It looks good in the mirror as you’re putting it on, but it’s so easy to get carried away… and then suddenly, you look like you walked into a door.

#3 - Being Photogenic

Every girl secretly wants to be a model sometimes. Unfortunately, with n amateur photographer, it isn’t always easy to look your best. Try asking your friend to take several shots, so you can pick the best one!

#4 - Trying the Smoky Eye

Those darn makeup tutorials again. This time, the steps are more complicated, the look is more subtle, and the goal is a fine line from looking like a garbage-sniffing raccoon. Yowza!

#5 - Getting Nail Polish Right

You want to have nice nail polish on your fingers, but when it’s wet you can’t do anything for several minutes! Rather than try to do things with your teeth, elbows, or even toes, maybe it’s best to just watch Netflix until they’re dry?

#6 - Suffering From Resting Bitch Face

“You should smile more!” “smile, it’s free!” “You’d look prettier if you smiled,” are three things no girl ever wants to hear. If you feel yourself starting to say one of these, stop. Turn around, and walk away.

#7 - Skipping Leg Shaving Day

Skipping leg day is one thing, but when it’s winter (pants season) and your love life is less than active, it’s easier and easier to unleash the beast. Just don’t show it off like this girl. Or do show it off--it’s your perogative.

#8 - Taking Not-So-Stunning Selfies

Remember how I blamed the amateur photographer earlier? Sometimes that amateur is you. Sadly, you’ll just have to practice. Try aiming from a higher angle, and turning up the lighting. The good news? The only person who will see your bad selfies is you.

#9 - Having Nothing to Wear

Sure, she has a closet full of clothes, drawers full of bras and underwear, as well as jackets and bags to match it all, but the problem is that none of it matches the girl she pictures in her head. Oh well. That’s the life of a girl.

#10 - Bare Legs Sticking to Leather Furniture

If you’ve ever sat down on a leather seat in short shorts or a skirt, you know that familiar peeling, tearing feeling that makes you feel oh-so-uncomfortable. Why do they have to make chairs so sticky? Some of us get sweaty thighs, you know!