10 Scariest Halloween Faces of 2017 #4 blew my socks off

We looked through and found our top 10 most creepy, scary and horrifying faces of Halloween. Use these next year to scare everyone at the party.

#1 - Mad Clown

Mad as in angry or mad as in crazy? For this clown, probably both. This girl takes the creepy clown costume to a whole new level using some cleverly placed makeup.

#2 - Reptilians

This girl wants to show off her true reptilian form. Her face paint exposes her reptile skin that is hidden under her "human skin". I wonder if she still has her reptile tongue?

#3 - Jigsaw

Want to play a game? One of the most iconic faces from the Saw series comes to life in this face. If you want to really nail it, don’t forget to ride around in your tricycle.

#4 - Speak no evil

This is one of our favorites, but also one that takes some commitment through the night to pull off. You will be the new master of demons and creep out all of your friends with this face paint. You won’t be able to eat until you take it off but demons don't have much of an appetite anyway, right?

#5 - Unwanted doll

This girl is a sad, angry and very spooky doll that just wants to bring terror to the monster that threw her away.

#6 - Skeleton makeup

This woman took her diet a little too far. Now she is just all skin and bones, or just bones apparently.

#7 - My lips are sealed

This woman just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Now they are shut forever with a little bit of needle and thread.

#8 - Harvy Dent

What is batman without the villain? It’s time to give them a little love this Halloween. Not sure if you should? How about you let the coin decide. This woman gives us the female version of Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. It’s the cartoon version that depicts the silver half-face that he uses to cover up his injuries.

#9 - Too many eyes

Channel your inner fly-eyes and give yourself the human version mask of too many eyes. This one fit 13 eyes on her mask, but can you guess which two are real? It may be clear now but try again after a night of trick-o-treating in the dark and see if it is still that easy to see.

#10 - Shot in the head

Can you make it through the night with one eye? How about a hole in your head? Just make sure nothing gets in there; you are going to want to stitch that back up when you are done.