10 Famous Logos And Their Secret Meanings

These logos are instantly recognizable, but did you ever think about how the logo was designed? Or what message the logo was meant to send? These logos were very cleverly designed to give you a whole message in an instant. Some use blank space, others use hidden images, but all of them are hiding another meaning behind them.

#1 - Toyota

This is actually one of my favorite logos, because it’s so simple, but it’s absolutely brilliant.

They designed the logo to spell out their name. And once you know that the logo spells Toyota, you will always see it whenever you see the logo.

#2 - Baskins Robbins

Baskins Robbins are known for their 31 flavors of incredible ice cream. If you look closely at their logo, you will see that the number 31 is there. Look at the pink part of the logo - it’s a 31!

#3 - Durex

Durex are possibly the best known condom manufacturers in the world. Even their name is made up of how they want consumers to think of them - durable, reliable, and excellent.

Or maybe it says Du Ur Ex?

#4 - Toblerone

I love the hidden symbolism in the Toblerone logo. Toblerone is made in Berne, Switzerland, and the city name is hidden in Toblerone - take out the T O and L, it actually spells Berne! Berne is also known as the ‘City of Bears’, so there’s a bear hidden in the mountain logo. And the mountain is actually the Matterhorn, which is in Berne. It’s got lots of very creative symbolism.

#5 - Hope For African Children Initiative

This is another really clever logo. At first glance you can see a child and an adult facing each other, but the white space between them? That’s Africa.

#6 - Sony Vaio

The Vaio logo is really quite brilliant. The first two letters are designed to look analog, while the second two letters are digital.

#7 - Unilever

Unilever make a lot of products, and they manage to fit a representation for each one into their logo. Everything is right there in the U.

#8 - Tostitos

If you look carefully at the Tostitos logo, you will see two people sharing chips and dip. Given that their slogan is ‘share something good’, I love this clever marketing logo.

#9 - Spartan Golf Club

This one has a hidden image. Depending on how you look at it, you might see a spartan in a helmet, or do you see a golfer taking a swing? Either way, it’s a very creative logo.