10 Dead giveaways of a Cheating Woman

Relationships should be built on trust between two people, and the stronger the trust, the stronger the foundation of the relationship. Nobody wants to be cheated on, and for guys, it’s a massive blow to their emotions, their trust, and their ego. When a man finds out that his partner is becoming closer to someone, they tend to panic. Here’s 14 signs to watch for if you think your partner is cheating on you.

#1 - Her daily routine changes

If she is suddenly busy on weekends, when before you would spend weekends together, then she is definitely not prioritizing your relationship.

#2 - Questions about your routine

If she starts asking questions about your routine, and where you will be at specific times, then she may be planning to rendezvous with someone else when she knows that you’re busy.

#3 - She’s preoccupied

If she’s constantly preoccupied with her own thoughts when you’re trying to talk to her, then she could be thinking about how to end the relationship with you.

#4 - Doesn’t give proper answers to straight questions

If you ask her about cheating and she doesn’t seem to answer properly or stays silent, then she could be cheating but doesn’t know how to tell you.

#5 - Secret smiles

At the beginning of your relationship, she would close her eyes and think about you when you’re not around. She would smile and blush. If you notice her closing her eyes, and smiling when you are around, she could be thinking about something else.

#6 - No intimacy or romance

If there’s no intimacy, or romance in your relationship any more, the she could be finding this from someone else.

#7 - New Clothes

If she starts giving herself a head to toe makeover then she may be dressing herself up for someone else.

#8 - Feeling sexy

If she is buying a lot of new underwear, but she’s not wearing it for you, then the chances are that she’s wearing it for someone else.

#9 - Hiding her cellphone

If she begins hiding her cellphone from you, then there could be issues. Especially, if she did not do this before.

#10 - No calls around you

If she cuts her phone calls short when you come into the room, or won’t answer her phone around you, then there’s something that she doesn’t want you to hear.