10 Celebrities Who Stole Their Look From A Homeless Person

Meet ten celebrities who are ditching the million-dollar stylists and turning to the streets for wardrobe inspiration. Turns out the homeless look is all the rage.

#1 - Russel Brand who just had to have the infamous I've-seen-Jesus-look.
This one's a classic with a twist and the leg warmers believe it or not, actually serve a practical function.

#2 - Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton who make "homeless-chic" look effortless.
These two don't even try.

#3 - Mary-Kate Olsen who just had to have that knee exposure and nested-in hair.
The Olsen twins have been famous since birth and their net worth proves it. These days, they're fashion designers and if anyone is known getting some inspiration from the streets, it's absolutely the Olsens.

#4 - Johnny Depp, kicking it up with a hippie-meets-homeless look.
As you can see, this style is all about a distasteful clashing of colors. And Che Guevara.

#5 - Either Kate Moss wore this straight off the runway or some homeless chick's eating a burger somewhere.
High fashion brought to you by the woman who sleeps behind Dunkin' Doughnuts.

#6 - Robert Pattinson, who looks straight up bum.
Celebrities partial to this look should make that a saying: "Man, that's sooo bum, dude".

#7 - Joaquin Phoenix, who goes to Pattinson's guy.
This look is all about the holes.

#8 - Shia Labeouf. This one's so committed he's probably worn that outfit for DAYS.
Army pants, check. Stained shirt promoting the substance most-likely abused, check.

#9 - Keanu Reeves ties the look together with a rugged beard and stacked buggy.
No need for dirt and sweat when you've got the right props.

#10 - Jared Leto.
Bringing glamour to the homeless style since day one. Check out that mane!