10 Brain Tumor Symptoms You Must Recognize Early To Save Your Life

It has been reported that deadly brain tumour rates are on the increase. It is estimated that in the US alone, more than 700,000 people are suffering from some form of a brain tumor. Like with other tumors, brain tumor is tissue in the brain or spine with an abnormal growth that ultimately can lead to improper brain functioning and even death.

As with other cancers and tumors, early detection is the key for treatment to be successful. However most of us are unaware of the possible early signs of a brain tumor. Therefore, here is a list of some common symptoms of a brain tumor. You should always seek medical attention if you are experiencing any of these symptoms prolonged.

#1 - Behavioural Changes

Behavioural symptoms associated with the presence of tumor in the brain are mood swings and memory loss. This is because a cancerous growth somewhat changes the biology of the brain and could result in the form of behavioral changes

#2 - The Clotting of the Blood.

A usually universal sign to show that there is a blood clot in the brain is a deficit in feeling on either side of the leg, the arm or even the face. Blood clots in the brain could depict the brain tumor has spread to other parts of the body.

#3 - Vision Loss.

A tumor in the temporal lobe or Occipital lobe can cause partial or complete loss of sight as adjustment or change in an individual’s vision could be related to cancer.

#4 - Depression

A reason for someone to always feel depressed could be due to a tumor in the brain. It was found in a reported case that the primary reason a person is depressed was that of a cancerous growth in his brain and as soon as the growth was removed, he was healthy again.

#5 - Eating disorder

A sudden difficulty in eating or swallowing is often associated with rapid increase or development of tumors. Gagging of foods into the lungs as well as choking is the commonest signs attributed to a eating disorder.

#6 - Seizures

Convulsion at some point in a persons lifetime could signify a tumor in the brain. However, it is has been estimated that up to 60% of cancer patients breakdown due to muscular contractions or jerking.

#7 - Fatigue

Cancer growth involves a regular extermination and rehabilitation of cancerous cells from the body. The tumor can be a primary reason for fatigue as it uses more energy than other standard body functions.

#8 - Aphasia

Aphasia means the deterioration of language and both audio and verbal comprehension. A tumor in any of the temporal or frontal lobes, which are involved in the production and understanding of a language respectively affects your communication and comprehension abilities.

#9 - Hearing Deficit

Acoustic Neuroma is also known as hearing loss impairment and is usually the first gesture/ signals of a brain tumor. It includes pain in the ear, numbness and gradual loss of hearing.

#10 - Headache

Although most headaches don’t signify tumor and not specific to brain cancer, it serves as an early signal. Headaches which still lingers after using home remedies are hints of cancer or caancerous growths.