10 Awkward Things Girls Do

Society has convinced us that while men are bumbling fools, women really have it all together, and are elegant and graceful and perfect. Don't buy that for a second--girls can be just as awkward as men. Don't believe me? Here are 10 examples.

#1 - Removing All Their Eyelashes

Beauty standards are a real pain, aren't they? Just get slightly distracted while using your eyebrow curlers, and...ouch!

#2 - Removing Boob Sweat

Hey, boobs get sweaty. They're under multiple layers of fabric sometimes, and when it gets hot, they sweat. Sometimes, you've just gotta stick your hands down there and air 'em out.

#3 - Adjusting Pads

Boobs aren't the only things that need adjusting. At that time of the month, well, you've got to make sure everything's in the right place, even if it ends up with you looking like...

#4 - Adjusting Underwear

Noticing a theme? Sometimes, that cute pair of underwear you've got are just too damn tight. Stretching it out is basically like giving yourself a wedgie in public!

#5 - Checking Out Bulges

Stereotypes tell us that guys can't take their eyes off of a woman's chest, but this goes both ways, guys. If you're wearing pants tight enough to leave nothing to the imagination, you're gonna get stared at.

#6 - Bathroom Stall Eye Contact

Nothing--nothing!--is more awkward then catching the attention of someone else in a public restroom. What on Earth do you say? "Hey, how's it going? What brings you here?"

#7 - Improv Tampons

If you're caught out without the proper hygienic supplies, sometimes you've got to improvise. A rolled up wad of toilet paper is far from a long-term solution, but any port in a storm.

#8 - Dodging Lines by Using the Men's Restroom

The line for the ladies' room is always ten times longer than for the men's, so sometimes, you've just gotta slip right in. This picture does not display proper urinal use, just FYI.

#9 - Awkwardly Timed Selfies

Your pap smear does NOT need to be documented for Instagram. I feel like that shouldn't need to be said!

#10 - Food Debris in the Bra

At the end of the day, when you finally remove your bra, you might well find remnants of everything you ate, especially if you're a sloppy eater. That's not exactly the most pleasant experience in the world.