Wives Confess The Secret Desires They Keep Hidden From Their Husbands

The internet is full of taboo sex, and little talked about desires. And, yes, even wives can keep things hidden from their husbands. Here’s a list of the types of secret desires wives won’t even tell their other halves.

#1 - Fantasizing About Your Brother

Some wives have confessed to their friends that they have secret fantasies about their husbands brother. It doesn’t mean that she’s going to act on it though. She’s never going to tell you about this fantasy, but she might tell her friends. Read on to see what other fantasies wives have been keeping from their husbands.

#2 - Wondering What It Would Be Like To Be Divorced

Every so often she might wonder what it would be like to be divorced. She probably doesn’t want to actually get divorced, but she may wonder what it would be like to see other men. It might not even be anything that her husband has done, sometimes she just wonders if another man would treat her any differently. Click next to see what she gets up to on girls nights out.

#3 - Flirting On Girls Nights Out

When on a girls night out, wives still flirt with other men. It goes no further than a bit of harmless flirting, but she won’t tell her husband about it. Read more to find out what she thinks about extra-marital affairs.

#4 - Fantasizing About An Extra-Marital Affair

Sometimes, women can’t help but to fantasize about what it would be like to have an extra-marital affair. She probably isn’t going to act on the fantasy, but she may think about how it would feel. Click next to find out what she thought her wedding night would be like.

#5 - Her Wedding Night

She probably had some ideas on how she wanted to have wedding night intercourse with her husband. Many wives have confessed that the wedding night didn’t live up to her expectations at all. Read more to see if she’s actually tired when she says no to sex, or if there’s another reason.

#6 - She May Be Tired, or She May Be Thinking About Someone Else

Wives have said that sometimes when their husbands want to have sex, they refuse because they’re too tired. However, women admit that sometimes it’s because they’re thinking about someone else, and not their husbands. Click next to find out what the last secret desire wives don’t tell their husbands.

#7 - She Wants A Partner Who Cares About Her

Every woman wants a partner who cares about her, and makes her a priority. They don’t just want someone who is only with them for sex. They want the whole package.