Overlooked issues that might happen if you stop having sex

As any sexually active adult should know, the wonderful art of fornication doesn’t always go to plan. For every beautifully wonderful experience you might have, there’s an awkward tale around the corner waiting to happen.

While sex isn’t always the stuff of Mills and Boon novels, it’s a necessity we all benefit from. Whether you’re going through a dry spell that’s self-enforced, or your luck has temporarily stalled on the love front, you might start to notice your body responding weirdly…

#1 - Your bladder may need a helping hand

As any self-respecting girl will know, pelvic floor and bladder muscles don’t retain their strength with zero effort. Intercourse increases vaginal tone, which in turn has a positive effect on your bladder’s agility. In the meantime, practicing those Kegals faithfully and considering investing in a pelvic floor toner might not be a bad idea…

#2 - Struggling to build the tent

Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter for anyone involved, and the reasons behind its relationship with no sex are poorly understood. One theory, however, is that this has a lot to do with plummeting testosterone levels. Fortunately, a little self-medication can encourage more testosterone production…

#3 - You may struggle to lubricate

Okay, so a lack of intercourse doesn’t automatically lead to a reduced lubrication. However, even if you self-lubricated effortlessly before, the anxiety associated with getting back into the action after a few months without practice can have a negative effect.

#4 - Your immune system might take the odd day off

With evidence pointing towards the idea that sex bolsters your antibodies, you might find you encounter one or two more cases of the sniffles than usual without it. Looks like it’s time to hit the vitamin C then.

#5 - Those self-doubt woes kick in

Few of us can’t help taking it personally when the gender of our choice isn’t paying us any attention. As the old saying goes, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Feeling low about your dry spell more than usual? Try talking to a professional; a little support can go a long way!

#6 - Your blood pressure may creep up

Are you usually proud of that perfect balance between your systolic and diastolic pressure? Thanks to those lovely waves of oxytocin that are released when you do the dirty, your heart experiences a drop in blood pressure. A lack of sex may not make a huge difference, but it’s worth keeping a check on your cardiac health in other ways anyway!

#7 - You could feel a little more frazzled

That dreamy little happy hormone (oxytocin) helps to alleviate stress too. Feeling a little tetchy lately? Try a spot of yoga or meditation at bedtime instead.

#8 - Your risk of heart attack increases

With all that stress, self-doubt, and a reduction in exercise, your risk of heart attack increases. How much it rises varies from person-to-person. In the meantime, hit that treadmill or start walking to work – you need to get your ticker pumping somehow.

#9 - You’ll lie awake at night

Rather than lying in bed at night dreaming of your beau, you’ll lie awake wondering why your brain won’t switch off. Sex increases your prolactin levels, which increases your ability to rest.

#10 - You start to become forgetful

Isn’t love a double-edged sword? When you have it, you can’t think of anything else. When you don’t, your memory starts to suck. Fortunately, going for a run or hitting the gym is just as good for bolstering those little grey cells.

#11 - Fewer UTIs

Girls, breathe a collective sigh of relief. A lack of sex isn’t all bad. With fewer sexual encounters there’s less scope for pushing bacteria near to your urethra, which means there’s less chance you’ll be spending your weekend wondering how close the nearest toilet is.