Top 13 Hipster-World Problems

You Only Live Once. Why spend life on worrying about these problems then? Because even hipsters need to learn as they grow.

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Your hair may look different, but definitely not special. In fact every other hipster in your building might have the same barber.

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Mason jars can hold anything and everything with water. Even bakers use them to prepare cake!

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Hipsters have bad taste in fashion. They’re the complete opposites of practical and sensible fashion sense. No other group of people can transform a $200-outfit to look like you got it from a homeless man.

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Your hair looks like a maze and feels like a maze too. The more intricate the style, the better and more artistic you will seem to the hipster community.

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Hipsters touch my face whenever they want to stress a point during conversations.

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Obscure is your music genre. Hipsters won’t even dare touch torrent-friendly bands. Raw, unadulterated music versions are eargasms.

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You don’t go to a regular grocery stores, but an organic food store. Where is the aisle for Quinoa?

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Choose a pair of glasses in terms of frame size rather than grade. Thick, black glass frames are sexy and you know it!

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Spend lots of money on vinyl records that MAY work rather than brand new CDs that do. The moldier the cover, the more valuable it is.

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You always wish for a full beard and mustache for Christmas. Santa Clause is going to disappoint you this year. He never fails and you never fail to seek for the impossible.

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Almost 99% of your wardrobe is plaid. It’s not a phase, but a lifestyle you’ve decided to uphold. You want to look like a table runner. It’s cool.

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All the shirts you own look like they've been murdered by a 5-year old in basic cutting activities.