These 10 Comics Perfectly Depict How Beautiful And Horrible Living With Your Partner Can Be

Living with your significant other is a beautiful thing. Whether you’re married, dating, or just roommates with benefits, there are certain things all couples can relate to. (laundry day, anyone?)
Every relationship is different, but there are some day-to-day things we all seem to do.

These comics were created by an artist named Yehuda Adi Devir. He says, "It all started when we moved to a new apartment and wanted the help of our Facebook friends in sharing our post. We did not really think that there were other people who identified with our intimate moments like sharing a shower."

Keep reading ahead to see the funny moments he’s captured in art.

#1 - She’s Always There… In Photos

Yes, he loves you and thinks you’re beautiful. But do you have to be in every photo? Even worse is when you’re trying to enjoy an experience and she insists on taking a dozen photos of it...

#2 - Oh, Were You Sleeping?

Couples stay up late for each other. Although sometimes, he has to get up early, and maybe she should just go make a cup of tea and sit in the living room. In a good relationship, the partners will always be there for each other--no matter what.

#3 - The One Who Doesn’t Do Dishes

There’s always one partner who just can’t cook to save their life… but somehow, they still manage to make a disaster of the kitchen. Why oh why won’t you clean up after yourself?

#4 - We All Have Skills and Weaknesses...

In this comic, the illustrator shows that even though he has an award-winning webcomic, his wife excels at the more practical tasks around the house. In a good relationship, we can support each other in strengths while accepting our weaknesses.

#5 - The Warm-Blooded One

There’s always one partner who seems to always be a cuddly warm teddy bear, and the other one is cold no matter where you go. If you’re cold, put on a sweater!

#6 - The One Who Remembers

Romantic milestones are important to everyone, even if they don’t remember. If your significant other forgets Valentine’s day, birthdays, or even your anniversary, it’s not because they don’t care. Some people just aren’t wired to remember dates like that. Try giving a gentle reminder a few weeks before, and again a few days before.

#7 - The Drill Sargeant

We all need a little encouragement. A good relationship means supporting each others goals, even if it means pushing each other out of the comfort zone! In this case, He wants to work out, and she is encouraging him to work harder, rather than calling him back to bed to be lazy together.

#8 - The One Who’s Afraid of Bugs

We think it’s usually women who are afraid of bugs, but in some relationships, it’s not who you would expect. It seems that some people are just naturally predisposed to hate creepy-crawlies, and others don’t seem to mind. If you’re the latter, help out!

#9 - The One Who’s Always Late

She says she’ll be just a minute, but she hasn’t even done her makeup. Guys, try to remember that all you need to do to get ready is throw on a t-shirt and grab your wallet… so be patient, and don’t take it for granted!

#10 - The One Who Likes it Hot

Showering together can be fun, but it seems like it’s always either getting left out of the water and freezing to death, or being forced to deal with another’s preference for extremely hot water, and feeling like you’re burning! Try distracting your partner by dropping the soap, then sneaking the water to a lower temperature when they’re not looking.